The Variag was completed in July 1900 in the Cramp Yard in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She was in action with the Japanese armored cruiser Asama at Chemulpo (Pu-San) on 9th February 1904 and was scuttled by her crew. The Japanese raised the Cruiser and commissioned her into their own Navy as Soya. She was sold back to Russia in 1916 and was sent to England for a refit and was eventually scrapped in Britain. 

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The model is very well made, with little problems in the fitting of pieces and all the details are crisp and fine, the deck planking is the best I have ever seen. Super detailing such a model was a real pleasure mainly thanks to photo-etched frets, one from Gold Medal Models the other from White Ensign Models, exceptionally well made and researched, two real masterpieces well made Loren and Peter. The sailors belong to the French firm “L’Arsenal” heavily modified in posture and the colours are from the wonderful Lifecolor and Citadel Line. I set the ship in once China Portuguese colony of Macao during cruiser’s courtesy visit. It is Sunday and on board near the bow the ship’s Chaplain (Pope) is getting ready one religious ceremony and in the middle of the ship some officers in plain clothes are ready to board a passengers boat. On the stern other officers read the just arrived newspapers and eat oranges. The sailors are grouping for the Holy Mass or work to put in place the awnings. Over the sea a Portuguese Coastal Patrol Boat with some super numeric sailors to form a boarding party try to stop a Chinese opium Smuggler’s junk. Both the ship and the Chinese sailors are entirely scratch built, like the interior of wheel house.

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Oneto Andrea
Genova – Italia