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redball.gif (371 bytes) Mikuma 1938, Japanese Light Cruiser, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Claudio Matteini - Claudio Matteini shows the heights of detail that can be achieved with an older kit. He used the Tamiya 1:700 scale Mikuma, as built as a light cruiser with fifteen 6-inch guns, as the basis of the build. Then with an overwhelming quantity of after-market parts and copious scratch-building, Claudio converted a standard plastic kit into a museum piece.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Heroes of Steel Navy: Felix 'Man About Town' Bustelo - In an installment of Heroes of SteelNavy, we will almost meet the legendary Felix 'Man About Town' Bustelo. Felix glides effortlessly among the commercial and theatrical elite of Mid-Town and among the banking and financial elite of Down-Town but with his busy schedule, is difficult to locate. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) USS San Francisco CA-38 1936, Scratch-Built in 1:192 Scale by Gary Kingzett - Gary Kingzett consistently takes honors at IPMS conventions with his scratch-built replicas and for good reason. Recently Gary finished his reproduction of the USS San Francisco CA-38 in 1:192 scale, as she appeared in 1936 with a very colorful paint scheme. In this article Gary discusses his build of the Frisco. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) In Search of Eldorado - The John Snyder Pizza Report - The commission came in, hot off of the teletype from Snitton. “What is the low-down on New York Style Pizza?” was the urgent plea from Token Yank John Snyder of the Right Honorable White Ensign Models. Well, never hesitant to aide the weary, I quickly booked a 06:30 AM non-stop into LaGuardia for a fun day trip to the Big Apple in search of Eldorado. 
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Andrei Pervozvanny, Imperial Russian Predreadnought, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Building a Battleship by Jim Baumann - In another Baumann Special, Jim painstakingly discusses his build of the 1:700 scale Combrig model of the Andrei Pervozvanny, last class of Imperial Russian predreadnought battleship. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) KuK SMS Erzherzog Ferdiand Max, Austro-Hungarian Battleship, WSW 1:700 Scale, Rebuilt by Jim Baumann - The third unit of the Erzherzog Karl class of the Austro-Hungarian Navy was given the name of Erzherzog Ferdiand Max. Although under gunned, the battleships of this class still saw some action in World War One. Jim Baumann rebuilds the WSW 1:700 scale kit of the ship in this article. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Queen Mary, British Battle Cruiser, NNT 1:700 Scale, Built by Jim Baumann - The next installment of the Baumann Yards rebuilding program is the HMS Queen Mary, British battle cruiser produced in 1:700 scale by NNT. No dentist uses his drill with as much ruthless precision as Jim Baumann does in taking on the resin in the kit. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Oktabriskaya Revolutsiya, Soviet Battleship, H-P Models 1:700 Scale, Rebuilt by Jim Baumann Jim Baumann is not just a builder of scale warships, he is a re-builder. Jim totally rebuilds whatever subject he tackles. This time the subject is the 1:700 scale model of the Soviet battleship Oktabriskaya Revolutsiya by H-P Models
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Where's Waldo.....Or, Can You Find the Bean? - Where’s Ray? Has anybody heard from Ray? Ray’s Missing! Call 911, issue an amber alert, alert the media, call out the National Guard! In November Mike Donegan had noticed that Ray D. Bean had been absent from the message board for some time. This is the secret story. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) 26 Missions Over Germany - The photographs in this article show two ships but not naval ships. Rather, these ships are the "Nine-O-Nine" B-17G, one of the few Flying Fortresses still flying and "Witchcraft" B-24J, the only Liberator still flying in the world. More importantly, the article contains a few memories from 60 years ago. Memories of a navigator of a B-17G in the 8th Air Force. Although his weapon of war and combat environment were different from the sailors of the USN, they were all young men who grew up in a hurry, whose memories should be preserved. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Oregon BB-3, Building McKinley's Bulldog, YS Masterpieces 1:350 Scale - Oregon was the third unit of the Indiana class laid down on 19 November 1891 and completed 15 July 1896 at the Union Iron Works in San Francisco. Jim Baumann describes his build of the 1:350 scale USS Oregon kit from YS Masterpieces
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Hr. Ms. Holland, Building a Pantserdekschep, Netherlands Protected Cruiser 1902 - The pantserdekschepen (armoured-deck cruisers) of the Holland class (3,840 tons) comprised six ships: Holland, Friesland and Zeeland, later the slightly larger (3,970 tons) and better Gelderland, Utrecht and Noord Brabant. All were built between 1896 and 1899 and protected far flung Dutch colonial interests. Henk Lindeman scratch-built the Hr. Ms. Holland in 1:700 scale. Henk tells and shows how he did it. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Vnimatelni, Imperial Russian Destroyer 1904, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Imperial Russia purchased five destroyers from France. One was the Vnimatelni, which was sent to Port Arthur. Jim Baumann built the Combrig 1:700 scale model of the Vnimatelni. As usual in any of Jim's builds, there are many modifications. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Warship Models of the 1930s - Before you scoff at the detail of the early Revell and Aurora efforts, think about the kits available to the men that fought the ships of World War Two. Those young seamen aboard California, Maryland and Tennessee on the morning of December 7, 1941 or the young aviators flying from the decks of Lexington at Coral Sea or Yorktown at Midway, what kits did they have to build when they were growing up? Thanks to Tom Ratliff, you can see many of those kits. The photographs depict many of the wooden warship kits produced from 1934 to 1943, with the great majority from 1935 to 1938. See what the men of the "Greatest Generation" had to work with, when they were youngsters. 
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USS Tinian, Heavy Assault Ship, 1:350 Scale - For the 2005 IPMS National Convention, Rusty White took a turn to the off beat. Rusty started with a Tamiya 1:350 scale New Jersey and then totally reworked it. This is a model of Howard Pulver's submission to Congress in the late 70's for a "hybridized" Iowa class vessel.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) 2005 IPMS National Convention USA - New Products - The weather wasn't the only thing that was hot in late July in Hotlanta. The vendor’s hall of the 2005 IPMS National Convention held at Atlanta, Georgia from July 20 through July 23, 2005 was billed as the largest hobby shop in the world. With over 400 vendor's there were plenty of new products to be seen but this article only covers those that were nautically related. 
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Rebuilding HMS Furious, H-P Models 1:700 Scale - At first glance Jim Baumann was delighted with his H-P Models HMS Furious in 1:700 scale. Then after looking more closely, Jim entered into a complete rebuild of the ship. Jim shows you the why's and how to's. 
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Evolution of the Later C Class Cruisers of the Royal Navy - Built during World War One to support the battle fleet, these cruisers did not have the range for a trade route protection mission. Between the wars the Royal Navy was in forefront of development of anti-aircraft defense for the fleet. Early in the 1930s it was decided to convert the Later C Class cruisers to fulfill a new mission, that of an AA cruiser. A great number of different fits were given to these ships, so they could be very different in appearance from one another. These plans and profiles show the evolution of the ships of the Ceres and Carlisle Classes from original World War One fit with 6-inch guns for surface action to the various AA fits which these cruisers adopted for World War Two. All drawings are by John Dominy, who retains copyright, and were received from Alan Raven, who is certainly no stranger to the cruisers of the Royal Navy. 
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Maya, Takao Class Heavy Cruiser October 1944, Super-Detailed Pitroad Kit 1:700 Scale - So you think you have to keep adding detail to a model before it is finished? Consider the case of Claudio Matteini from Ancona, Italy. He started with the 1:700 scale Japanese heavy cruiser Maya from Pit-Road. The kit starts with over 200 parts, however, Claudio was not satisfied until he had assembled over 3,500 parts into this 1:700 scale cruiser. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Queen Elizabeth, Flagship Atlantic Fleet 1922, Modified White Ensign Models Kit 1:700 Scale - The HMS Queen Elizabeth 1918 from White Ensign Models in 1:700 scale is an award winner right from the box but Jim Baumann chose to use the kit as a basis for the depiction of the QE as she appeared from 1922 to 1924 as flagship of the Atlantic Fleet. In this article Jim tells and shows you how he did it. 
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USS Arizona with Full Interior, Modified Banner Kit 1:350 Scale - So you like to build model warships. You like to have them as faithful to the original as possible. Does your favorite build have an engine room with machinery? How about a boiler room with boilers? Interior barbettes? Magazines? Interior compartments? Well Glen Van Olden built his 1:350 scale Banner Arizona with all of the above! You decide, mad genius or one sick puppy! 
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HMS Indomitable, Plan View of Flight Deck as Built 1941 - This is a drawing of the plan view of the flight deck of HMS Indomitable as built in 1941.  It was drafted by Alan Raven and is presented courtesy of WR Press. Almost all annotations are found on the upper edge of the drawing, the port side of Indomitable,  but normally apply to the starboard side as well, as indicated by the annotation p&s (port & starboard). Any are marked "A" indicates the presence of a safety net. HMS Indomitable was the fourth and last of the Illustrious Class Aircraft Carrier of the Royal Navy. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Illustrious 1940, Plan View of Island - These are three drawings of the plan view that depict the fore end of the island at 'flight deck' and 'A' deck level of the island of HMS Illustrious as built in 1940. They are also applicable for HMS Formidable, HMS Victorious and HMS Indomitable, all as built. They were drafted by Alan Raven and are presented courtesy of WR Press
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Ark Royal in Flight Operations - Max Cosby anticipated a quick and easy build of the Airfix 1:600 scale kit of HMS Ark Royal. As he examined the parts in the kit, Max realized that this engagement would be no lightning skirmish but instead would amount to a strategic campaign. Max describes his campaign with the Ark.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) USCGC Dallas WHEC-716, 1977, 1:96 Scale - Robert Rodriguez of Greensboro, North Carolina started with a commercial hull but then he extensively modified it. Some parts used in the construction of his 1:96 scale USCGC Dallas WHEC-716 as she appeared in 1977, are from commercial companies but by far, the bulk of the Dallas build was done from scratch. Robert describes in this article his year long odyssey to capture the Dallas in large scale. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Pelayo, Spanish Battleship 1895, Jadar Model 1:700 Scale, Jim Baumann's 2004 Telford IPMS Gold Medal Winner - Jim Baumann has done it again. His build of the 1:700 scale Spanish battleship Pelayo from the Jadar Model kit won another Gold Medal in the November 2004 national show in the United Kingdom. In this article Jim tells and shows the effort that went into another first place prize. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Match Box Squadron, German World War One Seaplanes in 1:700 Scale -  Dariusz Mazurowski is a Kaiserliche Marine (1914 - 1918) "specialist", however he found a gap in what accessories were available from commercial producers. His answer was simple, he would build it himself. In this article Dariusz shows five World War One German seaplanes that he built from scratch in 1:700 scale with the Albatros W.4, Friedrichshafen FF 33 E, Friedrichshafen FF 33 L, Hansa-Brandenburg W 12 and Hansa-Brandenburg W 29. 
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Tokyo Model Show Fall 2004 - Unless you happened to be in Tokyo in the last week, you probably did not have the opportunity to see the new models debuted at the Tokyo Model Show Fall 2004. However, we're in luck because Hideo Gotoh was at the show and took these photographs. A you can see, there are plenty of items pictured from Pitroad, Aoshima, Hasegawa, FineMold, Revell - Germany and Trumpeter
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Commanders/Iron Shipwright Magical Mystery Tour - Aarrggghh! Avast There! Come aboard me mateys, for a tour of the good ship, Commanders/Iron Shipwright, and we will lay alongside a fat prize or two. You’ll see how the salty crew prepares for action on the Spanish Main. With this article you can see how that dynamic duo of Ted Paris and Jon Warneke go about producing 1:350 scale model warships. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) HMS Warspite 1937, A Complete Refit of the Airfix 1:600 Scale Kit - In the 1930s the HMS Warspite was the first of World War One vintage capital ships of the Royal Navy to be completely rebuilt. The Airfix 1:600 scale model of HMS Warspite has been around for some time. Dr. George Pék took the venerable Airfix kit into his dockyard and gave it a complete rebuild worthy of the original. In this article Dr. Pék describes his rebuild of the Grand Old Lady.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) The Imperial Russian Fleet of the Russo-Japanese War - The Russo-Japanese War started in the early morning hours of February 9, 1904 with a Japanese torpedo boat attack on the Russian 1st Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur. This war had far reaching consequences for the history of the 20th Century. Japan was catapulted into the ranks of a first class world power and was greatly strengthened in the feeling that the Imperial Japanese forces could not loose. For Russia it was the opposite. The loss of almost all of her Pacific and Baltic Fleets and the collapse of the forces in the far east greatly strengthened the reform and revolutionary movements. The war marked the beginning of the end of the Romanov Dynasty, as it slipped and slid towards the twin revolutions of 1917. Dimitry G. Malkov has prepared Auto CAD drawings of 95 of the warships of the Imperial Russian Navy of the war for the 100th Anniversary of the Russo-Japanese War. These are sample of those drawings. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Retro Ship Modeling, Wandering the Wilderness of No Photo-Etch - Years ago, there was no photo-etch. There were no frets of shimmering brass or stainless steel of intricate metal-work of extraordinary detail. What did the neolithic modeler do in this primordial Jurassic Age. Tim Reynaga knows, as he has wandered the wilderness. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) A Day at White Ensign Models - This shocking exposé rips the lid off of the day to day operations of that titan of the industry, White Ensign Models. A deep-cover investigative reporter gained access to the massive industrial facility of WEM and files this report of a typical day at White Ensign Models
redball.gif (371 bytes) Tips on Photographing Small Scale Models with a Digital Camera
Part of the Rob Mackie's WSW Sangt Georg review includes an extensive sidebar of photographic tips for those of you using that new digital camera to photograph a model.
redball.gif (371 bytes) Essex Class Aircraft Carriers Reference Guide - John Sheridan has created a guide for those of you who are modeling the Trumpeter Essex kit. This guide contains all the data you will need to model Essex Class Aircraft Carriers.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) A, B, C's of the Fujimi Lexington & Saratoga - Dave Miller provides an in-depth analysis of the Fujimi 1:700 scale injection molded kits of the USN carriers, USS Lexington & USS Saratoga
  redball.gif (371 bytes) 1:350th Scale Classic Warships USS Guam  Follow your assistant webmaster, John Sheridan as he takes 3 years to build "the kit from hell" : The Classic Warships 1:350th scale USS Alaska Kit as the USS Guam. CB-2. Read how he deals with the fact that by forgetting a simple task nearly ended-up ruining one of the best 1:350th scale shipmodels on the market.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Shinano in 1:250 Scale - Bill Waldorf finished his build of the Doyusha 1:250 scale kit of the Japanese carrier Shinano. This venerable kit, long known as a "Bathtub Toy", has been transformed into a striking miniature replica by Bill. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) 2002 Tokyo Model Show - Another view of the October 2002 All Japan Tokyo Model Show. A Japanese modeler who signs on the message board as "A Japanese", provides the news of the show with his photographs, including the new Tamiya Mogami 1944 and Mikuma 1941 as well as the new Aoshima Hiryu.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) 2002 Tokyo Model Show - Peter Van Buren takes us to the 2002 All Japan Tokyo Model Show. Peter has photographs of new releases, dioramas and a display of all of the 1:700 plastic Waterline Series.
  redball.gif (371 bytes)  USS Reeves CG-24 - Jaime Campbell converts the Monogram USS Halsey into the USS Reeves, pictured in a dynamic seascape. 
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Building the Doyusha Shinano The old saying is "You can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear". Bill Waldorf disproves that saying with his ongoing build of the 1:250 scale Shinano kit from Doyusha.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) The Evolution of the French Aircraft Carrier Through his models in 1:400 scale, Georges Gazuit shows how the Aircraft Carrier (Porte Avions) of the Marine Nationale has changed. The models start with the early warships at the end of World War One through to the nuclear powered Charles de Gaulle of today. Text by Felix Bustelo.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Building a Mid 1941 HMS Ajax This article by Felix Bustelo originally appeared in Felix's International Maritime Modeling. It shows how the venerable Airfix kit can be turned into a prize winner.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Building a 1938 HMS Cumberland from the Airfix Suffolk This comprehensive article by Ian Wilkins, originally appeared on International Maritime Modeling.
  redball.gif (371 bytes) USS Cavalier, APA-37, Conversion of the Revell USS Burleigh by Rob Boxler. There are many reasons for building models but none better than Rob's.
redball.gif (371 bytes) TORPEDOED!: Modeling a Sinking Merchantman in 1:700 Scale by Tim Reynaga
redball.gif (371 bytes) Wake Patterns by Donald C. Simon
redball.gif (371 bytes) Regia Marina 2001-2002 Production Schedule by Steve Backer
redball.gif (371 bytes) Modelling the Landing Craft Infantry (LCI) by Capt. John P. Cummer, USNR-RET
  redball.gif (371 bytes) IJN DD Akizuki: 3-D Computer Images by Ed Low
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Building a 1:72nd Scale Gato Class Fleet Sub by Rusty White
 redball.gif (371 bytes) Building the Classic Warships 1:350th USS Salem CA-139 by John Sheridan
 redball.gif (371 bytes) Building the Nichimo 1:200th IJN Battleship Yamato by David Turner
 redball.gif (371 bytes) Building the Lifelike 1:350th IJN Battleship Yamato by Jim Gordon
 redball.gif (371 bytes) Tips for building the Tamiya 1:350 USS Enterprise CVN 65 by Doug Corp
 redball.gif (371 bytes) The U35 WWI German U-Boat in Resin and Paper by Kenneth H. Goldman
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Resurrecting the Aoshima I-400: New Life for the IJN Super Sub by Jim Gordon
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Four Torpedo Boats and a Ram: Modelling Lesser Known Confederate Navy Vessels by Jim Gordon
  redball.gif (371 bytes) Yamato! Admiral "G" Carries on about the New Tamiya 1:700 Yamato by Jim Gordon

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Building the Flagship Models 1/35th scale Close-In Weapons System (CIWS)
by Rusty White

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Iron Shipwright 1:350 USS Olympia 1899 build-up by Bob Santos

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Resurrecting Tone: New Life for the IJN Heavy Cruiser by Jim Gordon 

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Peter Gunter Huff's 1/100 SMS Emden by Rob Mackie
redball.gif (371 bytes) Building the Tom's Modelworks   USS Arizona (1921)  by Jeff Herne  
redball.gif (371 bytes) US IPMS Nationals Photo Montage   by Rob Mackie 
redball.gif (371 bytes) It's a Snap!  Building the Esci 1/1200 Battleship Roma   by Jim Gordon
redball.gif (371 bytes) Building White Ensign's 1/350 HMS Hood  by Colin Ritchie
redball.gif (371 bytes) Paul Eisenberg's 1/200 IJN BB Nagato  by Rob Mackie 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Silk Purse Revisited:  Aoshima 1/700 IJN BBMutsu by Jim Gordon 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Building a 1/700 Destroyer Escort  by Jim Gordon  
redball.gif (371 bytes) Converting the Revell 1/240 USS Ward   by James Corley 
redball.gif (371 bytes) Skywave 1/700 Cleveland Class Light Cruiser   by Jim Gordon
redball.gif (371 bytes) Trial by Ordeal: The Lindberg 1/125 Fletcher by Jeff Herne 

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