History of British Cruisers

Ships of the World Series No. 517

Reviewed by Scott Spencer

Book Title:History of British Cruisers
Ships of the World Series No. 517

Publisher: Kaijin-Sha Co., Ltd, 1996
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General Description: Pictorial History along with line drawings and pull-out plans of HMS Sussex and HMS Ajax.

The Book: This book covers the Royal Navy's cruiser forces from the late 1800's through the 1970's. It has a total of 198 pages and has at least one photo per page. The captions give a general description and relevant information pertaining to the ship pictured, but in Japanese. The names and dates of the ships are in English. A few of the classes covered are: Nelson, Powerful, Diadem, Drake, Warrior, C, D, E, Town, County, etc. There is even a section on the WWII Cruiser-Minelayers. The last section of the book contains the technical characteristics of the cruisers, which are represented by drawings of the machinery and some of the weapons carried on these ships.

Summary: I found this to be a very useful book as a lot of the photos are very clear and useful for finding details. While I do not like the fact that the book is in Japanese, and no translations have never been offered, it is an amazing book. The book covers such a long history, there is no way to include photos of every cruiser the Royal Navy ever used. This being the case, I would still recommend this book for the simple fact that you get such a wide variety of ships to view. If you are looking for lots of detailed pictures, of particluar ships, then this is not the book for you. However, it is my opinion that this book needs to be included in every Royal Navy enthusiast's bookshelves!