Arleigh Burke Class
Missile Destroyer

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Photographed  by Rob Mackie
9 September 1997
Commissioning of USS Hopper DDG 70
San Francisco, California

  Click here for Bill Abbott's photos of USS Arleigh Burke, taken while he was 
an officer aboard her. These photos added 17 May 1999

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5" Mount
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Bridge Closeup
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Forecastle Details
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Fwd Bulkhead Detail
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Forward CIWS
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Bridge Closeup
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5" Mount Closeup
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5" Gun and Bridge
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Forward VLS Cellls
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Starboard View
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Starboard Detail
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Midship Profile
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Starboard Side View
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Starboard Side View
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Fwd Stack and Mast
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Mast Closeup
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Raft and Crane
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Liferaft Cannisters
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Midship Detail
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Midship Bulkhead
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MK 46 Torpedo Tubes
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Aft CIWS and Radar
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Helipad Control Booth
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Rear Stack Array
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Landing Pad
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Mainmast Closeup

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These USS Arleigh Burke photos courtesy of Bill Abbott,
formerly an officer aboard USS Arleigh Burke

Burke Apr 96 01.jpg (47111 bytes)
Excellent view of forecastle
Burke Jan 92 01.jpg (52220 bytes)
Nice midship view, lots of interesting details
Burke Sept 92 02.jpg (55396 bytes)
Details aft, Harpoon
Burke Oct 95 02.jpg (36132 bytes)
Aft CIWS mount
Burke Oct 95.jpg (52026 bytes)
View of forward superstructure
Burke July 97 01.jpg (30834 bytes)
USS Arleigh Burke
DDG 51
Burke Feb 96 02.jpg (11513 bytes)
Profile view DDG 51

Burke Sept 92 01.jpg (44307 bytes)
VLS cells forward
Burke Mar 96 02.jpg (34673 bytes)
More interesting details
Burke Mar 96 01.jpg (31738 bytes)
The bridge interior
Burke crane.jpg (19905 bytes)
Zodiac launch crane
Burke Apr 96 02.jpg (25768 bytes)
Flag bag
Burke Mar 97 01.jpg (28938 bytes)
Looking forward from aft, tripod to right
Burke Feb 96 01.jpg (38299 bytes)
Bridge detail

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