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Reviewed by
Jon Warneke

This is the latest In Action ship publication by Squadron/Signal, and provides an excellent overview of an important escort class.   Destroyer escorts not only helped win the Battle of the Atlantic, but did yeoman work both in the Pacific and postwar.  Originally conceived as a mass produced solution to the  pressing need for Trans-Atlantic convoy escorts, these capable ships quickly became a  Jack-of-all-trades.  The US Navy used them extensively in all WW2 theatres, and post-war they formed the nucleus of many developing country navies.

The book covers all war-built destroyer escort variants.  These consisted of the Evarts, Buckley, Cannon, Edsall, Rudderow, and John C. Butler classes.  All are represented with clear photos, plan and profile drawings, and short descriptions of each class's development history and  distinguishing features .  There are excellent isometric drawings of  the equipment, fittings, and weapons used on these ships.   This is a worthwhile feature of all of the Squadron warship publications and will assist the scratchbuilder greatly.  There are six color drawing of different ships in the center section, including a US Coast Guard ship and an APD in the colorful Ms. 31/20L scheme.

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There is an additional section devoted to the APD (Destroyer Transport) conversions, and it includes an isometric drawing showing the differences between the Buckley/Rudderow DE and the APD.  The book's final section covers the DER conversions for the "wet" Distant Early Warning line of the 1950's, and includes comparison drawings and photos.

This is an excellent book for the modeler.  It contains information sufficient to build any of the destroyer escort variants.  There is plenty of information on each DE class,  including an excellent selection of drawings and photos, color paint scheme drawings, conversion data, and all for a mere $6.95.  I highly recommended   this book for both the enthusiast, modeler and anyone who just plain likes ships.