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Peter Gunter Huff's
S.M.S. Emden

1/100 Scale Model

The most famous surface raider of World War 1, the German light cruiser SMS Emden disrupted Indian Ocean merchant shipping until the Australian light cruiser Sydney caught up with her in November 1914.  Emden met her end in the ensuing surface action and was beached a total wreck off Cocos Island.

Among the most beautiful of early cruiser designs, the Emden is an inviting model subject.  And it appears from the these photos that Peter Gunter Huff may have constructed the ultimate SMS Emden model.  The entirely scratch built 1:100 scale result is of stunning quality. It was built as a companion piece to Mr. Huff's book SMS Emden: 1909 - 1914

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The German language book is 300 pages in length and sells for 148DM & 20DM shipping (approximately US $100 at current exchange rates).  A set of Emden plans consisting of 14 sheets sells for 74DM & 10DM shipping (US $50).  The book and plans are both available from

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Warship expresses its thanks to Peter Gunter Huff for making available pictures of his breathtaking model.  It is humbling to contemplate such high quality workmanship.

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