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Aircraft Carriers
USS Wasp CV-7, Corsair Armada 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Weilacher - These are photographs of the Corsair Armada 1/700 scale CV-7 USS Wasp built by Rob Weilacher. Aircraft are from Trumpeter as is some of the extra photo-etch beyond what comes with the kit. 
HMS Invincible 1982, Airfix 1:350 Scale, Built by Louis Carabott - On release of the 1:350 scale Airfix Illustrious kit Louis Carabott decided to convert HMS Illustrious, at present,   to HMS Invincible during the Falkland Conflict in  1982 which is completely different in all aspects to the Airfix offering. A different ship and a different era. 
USS Lexington CV-2, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Jae Won Kim - Jae Won Kim recently completed a new model of the Trumpeter 1/700 scale US Carrier Lexington. He built her as she appeared at her last battle in the Coral Sea . Jae used photo-etched parts from Gold Medal Models, Flyhawk and Lio n Roar.
USS Franklin CV-13, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Jeffrey Prowse - These are photographs of Jeff Prowse's recently completed project, the 1/350 scale USS Franklin CV-13 from Trumpeter with photo-etch from White Ensign Models and Eduard.
Minsk, Modern Russian Aircraft Carrier, Aoshima 1:700 Scale, Built by William Zammit - This is the 1:700 scale Russian aircraft carrier Minsk, produced by Aoshima and built by William Zammit of the United Kingdom. 
USS Ticonderoga CV-14, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Mike Golden - This is Mike Golden's build of the Trumpeter 1/350 scale USS TICONDEROGA CV-14. There was some scratch building on hull side, such as fuel lines port side and hull re-enforcement on both sides of hull. 
USS Ranger CV-4 1944, Corsair Armada 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Weilacher - Here are photos of Rob Weilacher's just finished CV-4 USS Ranger by Corsair Armada in 1/700 scale.  A great kit and a lot of fun to build. 
Shokaku, Japanese Aircraft Carrier, Fujimi 1:350 Scale, Built by Rick Cotton - Rick Cotton has built the new Fujimi 1:350 scale Shokaku
Foch, French Aircraft Carrier, Late Career Fit, H-P Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Christoph Mentzel - The aircraft carrier Foch was with his sister ship, Clemenceau, the first modern built French carriers. Built in the late 1950's and commissioned in the early 1960's, both carriers were the heart of the French fleet for over 35 years.  H-P Models have produced both ships in 1:700 scale. The Foch is in her late configuration with only four 100mm guns and two SACP Crotale missile systems. Built by Christoph Mentzel
USS Hornet CV-8, June 1942, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Luciano Rizzato - This model was built by changing the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit of the USS Hornet CV-8. Luciano Rizzato used the set of dedicated improvement parts produced by White Ensign Models, Gold Medal Models, Tom's Modelworks and a few general U.S. Navy sets by L'Arsenal
USS Lexington CV-2, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Robert Dedmon - Robert Dedmon built the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Lexington CV-2 as the Lady Lex appeared in the last few waning days of peace in the Pacific. Yankee Model Works, B&D brass barrels and L'Arsenal after market products were used to create this fit. 
HMS Illustrious 1943, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Louis Carabott - These are photographs of the finished model of HMS Illustrious, built by Louis Carabott. The model was constructed from the very old 1/400 scale model kit by Heller. The model is portrayed when it formed part of the attack Force H for the Salerno ( Italy ) Operation in September 1943. 
Principe de Asturias, Spanish Aircraft Carrier, Scratch-Built in 1:72 Scale by Victor Garcia Martinez - Victor Garcia Martinez has finished another radio controlled (RC) model in 1:72 scale. His first RC model in this scale was the battleship Pelayo but this one is a carrier, the Spanish carrier "Principe de Asturias".
Admiral Kuznetsov, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Louis Carabott - These are the photos of Louis Carabott's build of the Russian carrier Admiral Kuznetsov from the Trumpeter kit in 1/350 scale. 
USS Abraham Lincoln CVN-72 2000, 1:144 Scale, Scratch-Built by Patrick, Robin & Yohan Loffredo - Allow Patrick Loffredo to introduce his family's "gorgeous" creation: USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN - CVN 72 in 1/144 scale! The scene is in the Pacific Ocean during RIMPAC 2000 - September 2000. 
Cavour, Modern Italian Aircraft Carrier, Delphis Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro - This is Maurizio Chiaro's build of the Delphis Model 1:700 scale Cavour, modern Italian aircraft carrier. 
Cavour, Modern Italian Aircraft Carrier, Delphis Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Maggi - Here are some photos of the Delphis Model 1:700 scale model of the modern Italian carrier Cavour. The model was built by Maurizio Maggi and photographs are by Dario Agostinelli
USS Ticonderoga CVS-14, SCB-125 Angled Deck Essex Class, Ships & Co. 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro - Here are some pictures of the newest kit of the Ships & Co in 1/700 scale of the SCB-125 version of the angled deck Ticonderoga/Intrepid/Hancock Aircraft Carriers. 
USS Ranger CV-4, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Dave Judy - Here's some shots of Iron Shipwright's 1/350 scale USS Ranger CV-4 as she appeared while serving with the RN Home Fleet. The kit was built by Dave Judy
USS Card CVE-11, Iron Shiprwight 1:350 Scale, Built by Dave Judy - This is the Iron Shipwright's 1/350 scale Bogue class CVE done by Dave Judy as the USS Card in the Atlantic.
USS Midway CV-41 1991, Arii 1:800 Scale, Built by Koufopoulos Nektarios - These are some photos of the modified Arii kit of USS Midway as she appeared in 1991, built by Koufopoulos Nektarios. The aircraft are from Pitroad sets and they were vastly improved using Starfighter decals set 700-50 Carrier Air Wing 5 USS Midway 1991. 
USS Enterprise CV-6 1944, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Robet McGee - These are photos of Robert McGee's build of the CV-6 Enterprise. The kit is the 1/350 scale Trumpeter Hornet with a resin island conversion, photo-etch from both Gold Medal Models and White Ensign Models with additional planes from Trumpeter. 
USS Lexington CV-2 1942, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Jeong-Hoon, Lee - This is Jeong-Hoon, Lee's "CV-2 Lexington 1/700". The model is from Trumpeter in 1:700 scale. 
USS Enterprise CVN-65, Tamiya 1:350 Scale, Built by Louis Carabott - Louis Carabott just finished this Tamiya 1:350 scale model of the USS Enterprise CVN 65. Gold Metal Models and White Ensign Models photo-etch were used to detail both the ship and the air wing, however, there was a lot of scratch building. 
USS Intrepid CV-11, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Jean Barby - Here are photographs of the famous CV11 "Intrepid". The basic kit is from Trumpeter in 1:350 scale and was built by Jean Barby
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Modern Italian Aircraft Carrier, Delphis Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Riccardo Benco - This is a new model built by Riccardo Benco of Associazione Modellistica Monfalconese Italy. It is the Delphis Models 1:700 scale Giuseppe Garibaldi, Modern Italian Aircraft Carrier. 
USS Mindoro CVE-120, FleetNet 1:700 Scale Built by Carl Musselman - This is the build of the FleetNet 1/700 scale Commencement Bay CVE-105 resin kit by Carl Musselman. Carl built the kit to reflect the USS Mindoro CVE-120 during the late 1940's / early 1950's. 
USS Nimitz CVN-68, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Byoung Dae Lee - So? The art department fell off the wagon again and mislabeled the title shot 1:350 scale. The title may say 1:350 scale but it really is not. No, Byoung Dae Lee built a 1:700 scale Trumpeter Nimitz and with his skill added incredible detail to the smaller kit look like a far larger model. 
USS Yorktown CV-5 1940, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Modified and Built by Rick Cotton - Take a 1:350 scale Trumpeter Hornet, take accessory sets from various companies, take some time and a high degree of skill, shake in a bag...and Voila! a 1940 USS Yorktown. Rick Cotton modifies and builds the Trumpeter Hornet kit. Yes I know, Yorktown is CV-5 not CV-6. 
USS Enterprise CV-6 1938, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Mike Wolfe -  Mike Wolfe wanted to build the USS Enterprise (CV-6) as she looked before the Second World War. Now, with Trumpeter releasing various pre-war US Navy aircraft sets in 1/700th the time was right for such a project. Mike chose the old 1:700 scale Tamiya Enterprise as the starting point for his conversion. 
USS George Washington CV-73, Italeri 1:720 Scale, Built byNektarios Koufopoulos -  This is the Italeri 1/720 scale USS George Washington CVN-73 built by Nektarios Koufopoulos with about 60-70 extra parts in order to make it look more modern. The aircraft are Pitroad and the decals on the ship are a mix of Italeri, Gold Medal Models and Starfighter decals. The aircraft decals are of course the Starfighter ones, which make the aircraft look much better than before applying them. 
Admiral Kuznetsov, Soviet Aircraft Carrier, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Kian Seng Lim - This is the Trumpeter 1:350 scale model of the Russian Admiral Kuznetsov built by Kian Seng Lim
USS Nimitz CVN68, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro - Here are some pictures of the 1/350 scale USS Nimitz CVN-68 built by Maurizio Chiaro with photo-etch from Gold Medal Models and White Ensign Models
USS George Washington, Trumpeter Nimitz 1:350 Scale, Built by Simon Bird - This is a conversion (warts 'n' all) of the USS George Washington from the Trumpeter 1:350 scale Nimitz. All the additional sponsons etc were scratch-built from plastic/brass using pictures as a rough guide. 
USS Intrepid CV-11, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Steve Booher - Here are photos of the build of the Trumpeter 1/350 scale Intrepid by Steve Booher. The kit is a modified Trumpeter 1/350 USS Yorktown. He built the Intrepid as she was in early 1945. 
USS Bataan LHD5, Revell 1:700 Scale, Built by John Goodacre - The Atlantic Ocean (June 18, 2005) – The amphibious assault ship USS Bataan (LHD 5) shown underway with all eight MV-22 Osprey assigned to Marine Tiltrotor Operational Test and Evaluation Squadron 22 (VMX-22), "turning" and ready for takeoff. VMX-22 is conducting the final operational test phase of the tilt rotor aircraft. This was modified from a Revell Boxer kit in 1:700 scale by John Goodacre
Big Stick at Sea, USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71, 1:125 Scale, Scratch-Built by Richard F. Smith III - The TR takes to sea. Richard Smith III scratch-built this 1:125 scale USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN71 in 1:125 scale. Not designed as a static model, this Big Stick took to the water this month for her first RC sortie. 
USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71, 1:125 Scale, Scratch-Built by Richard F. Smith III - This is the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN-71, scratch-built by Richard F. Smith III in 1:125 scale. It has been built for radio controlled operation. 
USS Franklin, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Mark Taylor - From the foothills of the Smokies, where all is seen in the orange tinted glasses of the Vols, comes this model of the Trumpeter 1:700 scale USS Franklin, built by Mark Taylor. He incorporated every thing that he knew into this 1/700 scale Trumpeter USS Franklin. He built it waterline so that he can eventually use it in a diorama of the Philippines that he has planned. 
USS Lexington CV-2, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Craig Lieberman - This Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Lexington was the first full build of Craig Lieberman, using tips and tricks from other modelers and after warming up on an Arizona and a Hornet CV8. 
USS Nimitz CVN-68, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Riccardo Benco - This is the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS Nimitz CVN-68 (1981-1982) built by Riccardo Benco of the Associazione Modellistica Monfalconese (Gorizia) Italy. Photo-etch and detail sets used on the model include Gold Medal Models 1/350 Nimitz Class Detail Set; Gold Medal Models 1/350 Nimitz Class CVN Extra Detail Set; Gold Medal Models 1/350 US Navy Nuclear-Powered Aircraft Carrier Decals; L'Arsenal AC-350 25 resin personages; L'Arsenal AC 350-33 resin personages and Trumpeter sets F-14 D Tomcat. 
Principe De Asturias, Spanish Aircraft Carrier, 1:144 Scale, Scratch-Built by Alejandro Garri - Alejandro Garri chose 1:144 scale for his scratch-build of the Spanish carrier Principe De Asturias because it was the smaller scale in which to get aircraft and helicopter kits. The aircraft are the AV-8B Day Attack and AV-8B ll + from Revell and the helicopter models of the SH-3H Sea King is from Sweet. 
Zuikaku, Japanese Aircraft Carrier 1944, Nichimo 1:500 Scale, Built by Harry van Ball - Harry van Baal is on a ceaseless quest to build the perfect Zuikaku. This is his build of the Nichimo 1:500 scale kit of Zuikaku, or more precisely his rebuild of the kit. As Harry obtains more up to date on the carrier and her green camouflage scheme of 1944, he is compelled to rebuild the kit and incorporate the latest information. 
Admiral Kuznetsov, Russian Aircraft Carrier, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Peter Hall - After designing the latest brass photo-etch captain's coffee cup for the latest 1:700 scale White Ensign Models fret, Peter Hall finds a little time to build kits for himself. As Mad Pete says, "Yes I do sometimes get time, Midnight until about 2am, to do some building for myself. Sad I know, but it just has to be done." This his latest build, the 1:350 scale Russian aircraft carrier, Admiral Kuznetsov. It is the Trumpeter kit, significantly modified, using L'Arsenal figures and oddly enough, White Ensign Models brass photo-etch and Colourcoats paints. 
USS Saratoga CV-3 1945, 1:500 Scale, Scratch-Built by Pierre Marchal - Pierre Marchal - The Early Years ... Most know that Pierre Marchal scratch builds all of his subjects and that his preferred scale in 1:350. However, at one time Pierre built a number of subjects in 1:500 scale. This is his 1:500 scale USS Saratoga CV-3 in 1945. 
USS Saratoga CV-3 1945, 1:350 Scale, Scratch-Built by Bob Harris - These photographs show the USS Saratoga CV-3 as she appeared in 1945. The model is in 1:350 scale and was scratch-built by Bob Harris
HMS Furious, British Carrier/18-Inch Gun Cruiser, 1:700 Scale, Scratch-Built by Vincent Lau - This 1:700 scale HMS Furious was built mainly based on R.A Burt's plan & photos in "British Battleships of WWI" and some other photos that Vincent Lau found through internet. The model portrays the ship as commissioned with a flight deck forward and an eighteen-inch gun turret aft. 
HMS Invincible, Jump Jet Carrier 1981, Revell 1:700 Scale, Built by Dr. George Pék - Akos Gergely sent in these photographs and text of the build of the Revell HMS Invincible in the Falklands in 1:700 scale by Dr. George Pék. If you are familiar with the other incredible builds by Dr. Pék, you'll instantly recognize the same artistry here. 
USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42, Loose Cannon 1:700 Scale, Built by Christoph Mentzel Christoph Mentzel built the Loose Cannon 1:700 scale model of USS Midway CVB-41 to portray the USS Franklin D. Roosevelt CVB-42 in 1946 during her tour of the Mediterranean Sea .
USS Yorktown CV-10 1944, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Keith Hufnagel - This is the 1:350 scale kit of USS Yorktown CV-10, produced by Trumpeter and built by Keith Hufnagel. The model won first place in “Ships 1:400 scale or larger” at the Nationals this year (2005). 
USS Hornet CV-8, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale by Patrick Camp - These are some photos taken of Trumpeter's 1:350 scale CV-8 Hornet. When Trumpeter released their 1:350 kit of Hornet, Patrick Camp couldn't wait to get started on it. That was almost two years ago, and Patrick has only just finished it, although he was working on other models at the same time. 
Săo Paulo , Brazilian Aircraft Carrier, Heller 1:400 Scale - This is the " Săo Paulo ", aircraft carrier of the Brazilian Navy, originally the French Foch. The kit is in scale 1:400 and is produced by Heller. Some modifications have been made to the model by Guilherme D. Santos to represent the Brazilian ship.
USS Essex CV-9 & USS Hornet CV-8 - Jean-Luc Elineau sent in photographs of his latest builds of the USS Essex CV-9 and USS Hornet CV-8. Although all photo labels list Essex, clearly the superstructure photo and probably the photo with the SBDs are Hornet because of the island and camouflage scheme.
USS Lexington CV2 1936, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - Rick Cotton took the 1:350 scale model of USS Lexington CV2 produced by Trumpeter and backdated it to 1936. It certainly is dramatic with the mahogany colored deck and a deck covered with yellow wing biplanes.
HMS Hermes, British Aircraft Carrier, H-P Models 1:700 Scale - The HMS Hermes was the first aircraft carrier built as such from the keel up. In spite of her huge island, the Hermes was a rather small carrier with a small aircraft complement. She was caught and sunk near Ceylon (Sri Lanka) by Japanese carrier aircraft during the Japanese carrier raid into the Indian Ocean in spring 1942. Peter Fulgoney built this H-P Models 1:700 scale kit of HMS Hermes and obviously added a lot to it. 
USS Yorktown CV-5, June 1942, H-P Models 1:700 Scale - Here are some pictures of the HP-Models 1:700 scale USS Yorktown CV-5 built by Christoph Mentzel. The kit should show the USS Yorktown as she looked like in 1942 at the Battle of Midway. The kit is camouflaged in Ms. 12; Sea Blue; Ocean Gray and a Norfolk stained flight deck. 
USS Enterprise CVN-65, Tamiya 1:350 Scale - This is the Tamiya 1:350 scale USS Enterprise, CVN-65 built by Robert L. McGhee. This model took Robert 1 1/2 years to build and includes photo-etch sets from Gold Medal Models & White Ensign Models; decal sets from GMM and resin figures from L'Arsenal.
USS Oriskany CVA-34, Jim Shirley Productions 1:700 Scale - With all of the talk about various versions and models of the Essex Class and especially the modernized USS Oriskany, many may like to see a long out of production model of the "Mighty O". This is the Jim Shirley Productions USS Oriskany CVA-34 in 1:700 scale built by Christoph Mentzel
USS Kalinin Bay, Casablanca Class Escort Carrier, National Museum of Naval Aviation, 1:96 Scale - How many modelers have their work displayed under the wing of a genuine F4F Wildcat? Bill Waldorf does as his scratch-built USS Kalinin Bay CVE-68 is prominently displayed with a real F4F Wildcat as the overhead backdrop at the National Museum of Naval Aviation at Pensacola Naval Air Station. 
Bois Belleau, French Light Aircraft Carrier, 1:350 Scale - This is a 1:350 scale model of the Bois Belleau R97 of the French Marine Nationale. Of course it was originally the USS Belleau Wood, Independence Class light aircraft carrier. The ship was named after a World War One battle in France in which the USMC successfully countered the German Army and the name was Anglicized from the original French. When the carrier was transferred to France, the French Navy changed the name back to the original French. This model is scratch-built by French master builder, Pierre Marchal
HMS Ark Royal (IV), British Aircraft Carrier, Fujimi 1:700 Scale - This is the HMS Ark Royal (IV). Chee Wee Sim built this model from the Fujimi 1:700 scale kit.
Zuiho, Japanese Light Carrier 1944, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale - This is the Japanese light aircraft carrier Zuiho, as she appeared in a green camouflage scheme in 1944. Jae Won Kim of Tae Gu, Republic of Korea, built the Zuiho from the 1:700 scale kit produced by Hasegawa
USS Hornet CV-8 1942, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - This is the USS Hornet portrayed with Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25s on deck. Notice the USN aircraft stored below through the open hangar doors. This is the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit and was built by Louis Carabott of IPMSMalta. Louis also used White Ensign Models photo-etch set for the kit. It took him six months to finish building the kit. 
USS Lexington CV2, May 1942, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale - There is no mistaking the appearance of the USS Lexington CV2. These photographs show the Lady Lex as she appeared at the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942. The 1.1-inch gun arrangement that was incorporated in place of the original eight-inch gun turrets presents a very unique look. The kit is the 1:350 scale Lexington from Yankee Modelworks. The model comes with optional parts to portray the ship as lost, as seen in these photographs, or as she appeared before Pearl Harbor still mounting her four twin 8-inch gun turrets. The master pattern for the kit was produced by Mike Bishop. This build of the YMW Lexington was built by the head yankee of Yankee Modelworks, John Sheridan
USS America CV-66 - These are the pictures of USS America CV-66 and her escorts. These are 2 Ticonderoga Class CGs ,2 Spruance Class DDs ,1 Arleigh Burke Class DDG ,1 Roosevelt Class DDG and 2 Los Angeles Class SSNs. Built by Nektanios Koufopoulos. No manufacturer or scale was listed for any of these kits but it is assumed that they are from various companies in 1:700 or 1:720 scales.
HMS Ark Royal, Airfix 1:600 Scale - This is the HMS Ark Royal, the Royal Navy World War II aircraft carrier. This model is built from the 1:600 scale Airfix kit. I scratch-built the ship’s cranes, antenna masts (the hockey sticks), guard rails and added detailed parts to the pom-pom guns, the life rafts, aircraft propellers and other items. Built by Chee Wee, Sim.
Strike Force, Japanese Carriers of the Pearl Harbor Attack in 1:700 Scale - These are a number of photographs combining 1:700 scale models and edited digital photography. The kits and photographs are all done by Rick Smith. The models feature four of the six aircraft carriers of the Japanese Pearl Harbor strike force, Akagi, Kaga, Soryu and Shokaku, as well as an escorting Kagero Class destroyer. The Akagi and Kaga are from Hasegawa, Soryu from Aoshima, and the Shokaku and Kagero from Tamiya.
USS Intrepid CV-11 1944, Hasegawa Essex Kit 1:700 Scale - These are photos of the build of the 1:700 scale Hasegawa Essex as the Intrepid by Richard Price. There have been 'some' modifications to the basic kit. Just about all of it came under the knife in some fashion. There are also the inclusions of Gold Medal Models, Tom's and White Ensign Models photo-etch for various add-ons. 
Big E Before the War, USS Enterprise CV-6, Tamiya 1:700 Scale - The model built by Richard Smith is the 1:700 scale Tamiya kit of the USS Enterprise CV-6, painted in Color Measure 1. Some of the photos show the aircraft in the overall non-spectacular gray. Others depict the air group after October, 1941 when the aircraft were repainted in the two-tone non-spectacular blue gray over non-spectacular gray. 
USS Enterprise CV-6, June 1944 at the Battle of Midway, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - The Big E is one of the favorite ships of Jean Barby, so Jean built a 1:350 scale version of USS Enterprise CV-6, as she appeared at the Battle of Midway in June 1942. The Trumpeter Hornet kit was used, along with an Enterprise island from Nautilus, photo-etch from Toms Modelworks & White Ensign Models and topped off with a Colourcoat paint scheme. 
Zuikaku, Japanese Carrier 1944, Nichimo 1:500 Scale -  These are photographs of the NICHIMO 1:500 scale ZUIKAKU built by Harry van Baal. The ship was built as waterline with Gold Medal Models 1:700 IJN Carrier railing and the triple 25 mm AA guns replaced by 1:700 scale versions. 
Kiev, Soviet Carrier, Aoshima 1:700 Scale - Albert Yue of Hong Kong built and super-detailed this model of the Soviet missile cruiser/carrier Kiev from the 1:700 scale kit produced by Aoshima. The most obvious super-detailing is in all of the intricate arrays and fittings of the island but there is plenty more detail loaded on this model. Look at the missile deck on the bow and you'll see one missile about to be loaded into the canister and another one in the canister but the missile hatch is still open. 
USS Essex CVA-9, Attack Carrier, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale - The USN Essex Class could be called the ships that won the war in the Pacific. They were found on the front line of the United States Navy for decades to come. The Hasegawa 1:700 scale kit of the Essex depicts the carrier in her late World War Two appearance. Albert Yue of Hong Kong decided to update the Essex .... by about 20 years, circa 1965. It is hard to believe that this model was built from the straight deck WW2 Essex kit but it was. 
USS Saipan LHA-2 Amphibious Assault Ship, Dragon 1:700 Scale - This is the USS Saipan LHA-2 amphibious assault ship in 1:700 scale manufactured by Dragon. However, Albert Yue of Hong Kong was not satisfied with building the Saipan from the box. The starboard side of the hull and island have been cut away to show internal arrangements. 
Lady Lex Before the Storm: USS Lexington CV-2 1940, Fujimi 1:700 Scale - This can go in the diorama gallery as well as the carrier gallery because Richard Smith shows the Fujimi 1:700 scale USS Lexington CV-2 in harbor as well as at sea, as she was in 1940. Also included is a dramatic sequence of four photographs which portrays an aircrafts approach to the Lady Lex. To be seen to best effect, copy them at full size and then cycle through them at speed on your viewer. 
USS Enterprise CVN-65 1:350 Scale  from Tamiya - About a week ago Susanna Viljanen mentioned that a ship model won best of show at the 2004 Helsinki Model Expo. Well here it is. More than a model, this was the quest for perfection of Pekka Rautajoki that took him a decade to build.  This is the USS Enterprise CVN-65 in 1:350 scale from Tamiya in all her glory, complete with lighted hangar interiors and much more. 
HMS Illustrious, Royal Navy Carrier of World War Two, Aoshima 1:700 Scale - The Aoshima kit of the HMS Illustrious, Royal Navy aircraft carrier of World War Two was paired with the Tamiya kit of a British O Class destroyer in this build by Martin Ramsden, in his first warship build in many years. 
Giuseppe Garibaldi, Modern Italian Carrier, Delphis 1:700 Scale - The name Giuseppe Garibaldi has been carried by the warships of the Italian Navy almost since its inception. The series of ships have been named in honor after one of the Italian heroes most responsible for the unification of Italy in the 19th Century. The current Giuseppe Garibaldi  is the pride of the modern Italian Fleet. Giampiero Galeotti has built the Delphis 1:700 scale model of the modern Italian carrier and used his own Regia Marina photo-etch railing in the build. 
HMS Furious, Aircraft Carrier 1918 - A carrier with an island in the middle of the flight deck. That is just one of the features of the HMS Furious, in her 1918 fit, that compelled Jim Baumann to build the 1:700 scale kit of Furious, produced by Loose Cannon Productions. This is another article that is of such high quality, that it fits into the aircraft carrier gallery, diorama gallery and aircraft carrier reviews. 
USS Enterprise, CVAN-65 - This model is the Revell 1/400 scale of USS Enterprise CVAN-65 in her original island configuration with billboard radar and beehive dome. Built by Robert McGhee, the kit is heavily modified with photo-etch. The plane kits are from Tamiya and the hangar area is scratch-built. 
Shoho, Japanese Light Carrier - Originally built as a submarine depot ship named Tsurugisaki, the Shoho was converted into a 28 knot light carrier. Shoho was the first Japanese carrier lost in World War Two when she was lost at the Battle of the Coral Sea. Pascal Bruyere built the 1:700 scale kit of Shoho produced by Hasegawa, with photo-etch from L'Arsenal and some scratch-building. 
Mama Wasp and the Little Boy - Taken from an actual event photographed during the limited service time that USS Wasp had at Guadacanal, Jim Kloek created this diorama of the USS Wasp refueling the destroyer, USS Buchanan. The kits are 1:700 scale; Wasp from Corsair Armada and Buchanan from Skywave
USS Iwo Jima, LHD-7 - Andrew Dunikowski proudly serves aboard the USS Iwo Jima LHD-7. Andrew thought that it would be an easy matter to take the Revell-Germany kit of sisterhip, USS Wasp LHD-1, and model his ship. As he got into the build, he discovered more and more changes that were necessary. 
USS Hornet CV-12 - Rick Bellanger pulls out all of the stops in building the HMS Hornet CV-12 from the 1:350 scale USS Essex kit from Trumpeter. Rick used the photo-etch frets from all of the Big Three- Gold Medal Models, Toms, and White Ensign Models. To top it all off, he assembled a full carrier wing of 92 aircraft to deck his Hornet with Grummans. 
Akagi, Japanese Carrier Flagship - Hasegawa produces the largest scale kit of the Akagi, famous flagship of the Japanese strike force at Pearl Harbor and Midway. The 1:450 scale kit can build into a very fine model. Pascal Bruyere has built this kit in fine fashion. 
USS Enterprise CV-6, October 1944 - Dave Becker builds another 1:350 scale kit from Blue Water Navy. This time it is the USS Enterprise. The Big E was built by Dave showing her as of October 1944 in her dazzle camouflage scheme. 
USS Lexington CV-2 - The 1:350 scale kit of USS Lexington CV-2 from Blue Water Navy is built by Dave Becker to show her as she appeared at the Battle of the Coral Sea. 
Hiryu, Japanese Carrier in 1:200 Scale - Danny Wong scratch-built the IJN Hiryu in 1:200 scale. Taking over two years to build, it is motorized for remote control. Text by John Horner.
USS Hornet, CV-8 - The US Hornet CV-8 in 1:350 scale from Trumpeter can be built emphasizing different periods of her short operational life through the choice of deck aircraft. When Rick Cotton built the kit and used Toms Models photo-etch, he chose to emphasize Torpedo Eight, the Squadron of TBD Devastators lost a the Battle of Midway. 
USS Langley, CV-1 1930 - Any iron worker would like the number of lattice support braces on the USS Langley CV-1 in 1930. Dave Judy has built the Iron Shipwright  1:350 scale kit of first carrier of the USN. 
USS Hornet, CV-8 - The Tamiya 1:700 scale kit of USS Hornet CV-8 was released some time ago, however it is still a popular subject. Mike Dershem built the kit with additional aircraft, F4Fs, TBFs, and SBDs by Fujimi.
USS Enterprise CVN-65 - In 1986 Lim Kian Seng built his first large scale warship kit. It was the USS Enterprise CVN-65 model from Otaki in 1:400 scale. Also included is a unique photograph showing the landing approach of a F-14 Tomcat to the "Big E"
Strike Force of the Imperial Baumannese Navy - Actually these are 1:700 models of the Akagi, Kaga, Kongo, Kiso and Tenryu of the Imperial Japanese Navy built by Jim Baumann
Arromanches - Sébastien Berti scratch-built this 1:200 scale model of Arromanches, French carrier of the Colossus Class, using plans from the Naval Museum of Paris. 
HMS Ark Royal - The 1:600 scale Airfix HMS Ark Royal as built by Jim Baumann in his "dodgy" period. 
USS Enterprise CVN-65 - Mike Golden builds the 1:350th scale Tamiya USS Enterprise CVN-65. Mike used GMM and Toms photo-etched brass to detail the model.
USS Iwo Jima - The 1:700 scale kit of the USS Iwo Jima is by Pitroad/Hi-Mold is built by Peter Van Buren, who also provides comments about the kit. 
USS Midway, CVA-41 - Mark Leonard built the Arii 1:800 scale kit with scratch-built parts and GMM photo-etch.
HMS Vengeance - This 1:700 model of a Colossus Class Light Carrier was scratch-built by John Rodriguez Asti of Peru. He also made a mold in order to produce variants of the class.
USS Ranger, CV-4 - The fourth installment of the Warship Models of The National Museum of Naval Aviation, located on Pensacola Naval Air Station (NAS) is the Ranger. This large scale model was built by the Navy Department and is off much less detail then those models built by individual modelers.
USS Lexington CV-16, Essex Class Fleet Carrier: Dave Becker's build of the Blue Ghost from the Tom's Modelworks 1:350 kit.
USS Bunker Hill, Essex Class Fleet Carrier, Scratch-Built by Pierre Marchal in 1:350 scale.
Lexington, CV-2- The third installment of the Warship Models of The National Museum of Naval Aviation, located on Pensacola Naval Air Station (NAS) is the "Lady Lex". This large scale outstanding model was scratch built and donated to the Museum by CDR Josiah "Cy" Kirby, USNR (Ret).
USS Langley, CV-1, this is the second in the series of articles on the models of The National Museum of Naval Aviation. This model of the original carrier for the USN was scratch-built and donated to the museum by CDR Josiah "Cy" Kirby, USNR (Ret).
     Hr Ms Karel Doorman, Henk Lindeman of Wageningen, the Netherlands, scratch-built this Colossus Class carrier in 1:700 scale. This carrier started as HMS Venerable and ironically was the chief target of the Royal Navy in the Falklands War, when she was the Argentine, Veinticinco de Mayo.
   Charles De Gaulle, Sébastien Lausdat builds the Heller 1:400 model of the nuclear powered French carrier with substantial modifications.
USS Saratoga, Martin Quinn has built the Fujimi 1:700 plastic kit with substantial modifications and additions.


USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, Revell, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, Bob O'Conner has modified the old Revell kit to depict the FDR in her 1956-1958 configuration. The yellow and white deck markings are accurate- as per the '57 cruise book, which Bob worked from-with a single color aerial photo of the flight deck
1:700th scale LHD Essex #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 by Peter Van Buren (Revell)
USS Enterprise, CVN-65, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 Bert Legaspi built the Revell 1/720 Scale Model with some scratch-building, most notably, the island. GMM brass fret was used for detail. Aircraft from Fujimi and Skywave. This model reflects the Big E's latest configuration.

HMS Ark Royal, #2, #3, #4 by Dave Humphreys of North Wales, UK . 
The only additions made to the model were some parts from the GMM Royal Navy CV etched set and WEM's RN AA set ( I still need 4 quad pom poms to finish the job!). There would have been some Skuas on deck but I somehow lost them on the way back from the IPMS UK Nationals in 2000. The biggest job was drilling out the portholes and making up the many gaps between flightdeck and hull.
1:350th USS Constellation CV-64, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11 by Michael Larsen. Model is under construction, scratchbuilt and converted from Tamiya Enterprise.
Carrier Group Photographs 1:350, #2 by Michael Larsen.
Additional Photos of 1:350 USS Nimitz CVN-68, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #11, #12, #13, #14, #15, #16, #17, #18 by Michael Larsen. Scratchbuilt and converted from the Tamiya Enterprise.
Additional Photos of 1:350 USS Saratoga CV-60, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 by Michael Larsen. Scratchbuilt and converted from Tamiya Enterprise.
1:350th USS Nimitz CVN-68, #2, #3, #4, #5 by Michael Larsen of Denmark, Scratchbuilt and converted from the Tamiya Enterprise
1:350th USS Saratoga CV-60, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 by Michael Larsen of Denmark, Scratchbuilt and converted from the Tamiya Enterprise
1:700th USS Ticonderoga CV-14 #2 #3 #4 By Peter Van Buren (Hasegawa)
1:700th USS Bogue CVE-9 #2 #3 By Peter Van Buren (Tamiya)
1:720 USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 #2 #3 By Peter Van Buren (Italeri)
1:700th HMS Illustrious #2 By Peter Van Buren (Revell)
1:700th IJN Shinano #2 #3 #4 By Noel Carpio and Jun Villanon
1:800th USS Franklin D. Roosevelt #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 By Frank Hutton (Arii)
1:720th USS John F. Kennedy #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 By Jon Iverson (Italeri)
1:700th USS Ticonderoga CV-14 #2 By Gregory Kolasa (Hasagawa)
1:540th USS Oriskany CV-34 #2 #3 #4 #5 By Mike Connors (Revell)
1:700 USS Hornet & USS Fletcher extended coverage by Jan Iverson (Tamiya)
1:72 USS Gambier Bay extended coverage by Bill Waldorf (Scratchbuilt)
1:350 USS Hornet extended coverage by Steve Brejnak (Blue Water Navy)
1:700 USS Saipan, #2, #3 by Peter Van Buren (Dragon/Shanghai)
1:700 IJN CV Ryujo extended coverage by David Fraser (Fujimi)
1:700 IJN CV Junyo, #2 by Hideki Nagasawa (Hasegawa)
1:700 USS Belleau Wood CVL-24, #2 by Noboru Yahagi
1:350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 extended photo coverage by Warren Jones (Tamiya)
1:350 USS Enterprise CVN-65 extended photo coverage by Fred Heil (Tamiya)
1:700 IJN Junyo, #2 by Allan Parry (Tamiya)
1:700 Graf Zeppelin, #2, #3 by Paul O'Reilly (Revell)
1:700 USS Yorktown (pre-war 1941), #2 by Bob Dedmon
1:500 IJN Akagi  extended photo coverage by Fred Heil (Nichimo)
1:700 USS Ticonderoga extended photo coverage by Jim Kloek (Hasegawa)
1:700 USS Langley CV 1, #2, #3 by Bob Santos (Scratchbuilt)
1:500 IJN Zuikaku by Quinn Bracken (Nichimo)
1:700 IJN Akagi, #2, #3 by Mike Taylor (Hasegawa)
1:700 IJN Akagi, #2, #3 by Fred Heil (Hi-Mold)
1:350 USS Sangamon, CVE-26, Oct. 1944 by Jon Warneke (Scratchbuilt)
1:700 HMS Illustrious by Tawatchai (Thailand) (Scratchbuilt)
1/350 Essex Class USS Yorktown, #2, #3, #4 by Kelly Quirk (Tom's Modelworks)
1/350 CV 10 USS Yorktown by Jon Warneke (Scratchbuilt)
1/350 USS Saratoga by Jon Warneke (Scratchbuilt)
1/350 Escort Carrier USS Charger CVE 30 by Jon Warneke (Scratchbuilt)
1/700 IJN Training Carrier Taiyo, #2, #3, #4, #5 by Jim Gordon
1/700 IJN Midway Carriers by Bert McDowell (Dauntless by Ken Durling)
1/800 USS Midway CV-41by Mike Taylor (Arii)
1/700 USS Langley (CV-1), #2 by Bob Santos (Scratchbuilt)  
1/350 USN Carrier Enterprise , #2, #3, #4 by Dave Judy (BWN) 
1/700 USS Casablanca, #2, escort carrier by Bert McDowell (Tom's Modelworks) 
1:350 HMS Nottingham, #2 by Les Pickstock (White Ensign)