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American Civil War Era Ships
CSS Teaser, Armed Tug Boat, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Rusty White - Here is Rusty White's build of his Flagship Models kit of the 1/192 scale CSS Teaser.  Rusty needed a built up version for the box art as well as a mounting for the upcoming Civil War Reconnaissance Balloon kit which will be released soon. The model was built straight from the box and weathered with oil washes. 
USS Monitor 1862. Cottage Industry Models 1:96 Scale, Built by David Nanberg - David Nanberg started with William Blackmore's excellent Cottage Industry Models 1/96 scale USS Monitor resin kit and constructed most of the interior below deck. 
CSS Manassas, Thoroughbred Miniatures 1:160 Scale, Built by David LaPell - Here are photos of a Thoroughbred Miniatures 1/160 scale CSS Manassas. The model was built out of the box by David LaPell
CSS Palmetto State, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Arthur Macon - This build is a Flagship Models 1/192 scale CSS Palmetto State. Arthur Macon constructed this based on the watercolor drawing by Charles C. Cawson cir. 1862. 
CSS Tennessee, Defender of Mobile, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Lamar Jones - This is a build from Rusty White's Flagship Models series. Built by Lamar Jones, the CSS Tennessee is an interesting subject. Scale is 1/192 scale. 
USS Cairo, Thoroughbred Models 1:160 Scale, Built by David LaPell - David LaPell built the 1/160 scale Thoroughbred Models (now discontinued) ironclad USS Cairo. He scratch-built the awning brace-work, the masts, and the railings. The lifeboat davits are from Bluejacket Shipfitters. 
USS Cairo, City Class Ironclad, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Rusty White - Here are some photos of the Flagship Models 1/192 scale USS Cairo, City Class gunboat. With any new release, Rusty White likes to build one for the box art. The model is basically out of the box.
USS Weehawken, Passaic Class Monitor, Old Steam Navy 1:96 Scale, Built by Ed Parent - Yes boys and girls! It is time for another bout of mega monitor madness. This time it is the USS Weehawken, Passaic Class Monitor in 1:96 scale from Old Steam Navy. Ed Parent built the kit with a clear roof to the turret so you can see the massive Dahlgren smooth-bores inside. 
USS Monadnock, Twin Turret Monitor, Cottage Industry Models 1:96 Scale - This is combination of product announcement and gallery presentation. Cottage Industry Models has just produced the Union Ironclad U.S.S. Monadnock in 1:96 scale. This thing is huge at 32 1/2" Long X 6 1/2" wide for those who crave almost a meter of monitor.
CSS Arkansas, Confederate Ironclad, Old Steam Navy 1:96 Scale, Built by Lamar B. Jones - The 1:92 scale model of the CSS Arkansas produced by Old Steam Navy has been built by Lamar B. Jones.
CSS Chicora, Confederate Ironclad, Flagship Models 1:192 Scale, Built by Rusty White - Seen are several photos of the CSS Chicora. The model is basically built by Rusty White from the box with the exception of the replenishment mast and torpedo spar. 
CSS Tennessee, Thoroughbred Models 1:160 Scale, Built by David Lapell - This is the Thoroughbred Models 10mm, 1/160 scale C.S.S. Tennessee built by David Lapell. The model is out of the box except for adding boat davits from Bluejacket Shipfitters. He added some rigging from paint brush bristles, water made from aluminum foil that was painted and coated with Future Floor wax, smoke from spray painted cotton, and new flag staffs for and aft. 
Rochambeau, French Ironclad 1870, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Originally built as the USS Dunderberg for the United States Navy, the American Civil War was over by the time this ship was launched. She was sold to France in 1867 and became Rochambeau. Peter Fulgoney built the kit from Combrig in 1:700 scale as she appeared under the French flag. 
USS Fort Hindman, "Tinclad" Gunboat, Thoroughbred Models 1:600 Scale - This is the Thoroughbred model 1:600 scale Tinclad steamboat that David LaPell modeled as the USS Fort Hindman. After building, he added the two forward masts out of plastic rod. David added all of the deck railings and the derrick on the upper deck, which are also out of plastic rod. He built the funnels of the sunken steamboat out of plastic rod that he drilled out and glued in place.
USS Alligator, Union Submarine 1863 1:32 Scale - This model of the USS Alligator, Union submarine, is scratch-built in 1:32 scale by Bob Santos, making the hull about 18-inches long. The USS Alligator is made from Butterboard with some styrene details. The model is based on Chuck Veit's digital model, which reflects the latest on what the experts think she looked like. 
USS Onondaga, Lone Star Models 1:192 Scale - These photos show the double turreted Union monitor USS Onondaga. The model is produced by Lone Star Models in 1:192 scale and was built by Mark Leonard. Mark also added crewmen converted from model railroad figures. 
Maury, Gun Boat - The 1:72 scale model of the gun boat Maury from Lone Star Models built by Bradford Chaucer
1:700th Monitor Maros By Leodegar Berger 
1/192 USS Cairo (Ironclad River Gunboat, c.1862), #2, #3 by Mike Leonard (semi-scratchbuilt)
1/112 USS Canonicus Single Turret Monitor by Robert Gianamore (extended coverage)
1/96 Maple Leaf:  Union Army Paddlewheel Transport (Scratchbuilt) by Bob Santos
1/32 CSS David, #2, #3 by Wm. Blackmore (Cottage Industry)
1/32 CSS Hunley, #2  by Wm. Blackmore (Cottage Industry)
1/96 USS Keokuk, #2  by Wm. Blackmore (Cottage Industry)
1/192 CSS Atlanta by Brad Chaucer
1/192 USS Onandaga  Double Turret monitor, #2 by Brad Chaucer
1/192 USS Passiac class Monitor, #2 by Brad Chaucer
1/96 CSS Palmetto State by Wm. Blackmore (Cottage Industry)
1/600 CSS Tennessee, #2, #3 by Jim Gordon (Thoroughbred)
1/600 Confederate Torpedo boats by Jim Gordon   (full article and photos)
1/600 CSS Alabama Confederate commerce raider  by Jim Gordon (Thoroughbred)

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