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Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes
Jaguar, French Destroyer 1924, Kartonowa Flota 1:300 Scale, Built by Chris Smithers - Card models can build large, impressive warship models. Chris Smithers shows how he used the Kartonowa Flotta 1:300 scale card model of the French destroyer Jaguar to build a magnificent replica of this three funnel destroyer. 
HMCS Chilliwack, Canadian Corvette, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Bill Hutcherson - This is the Revell kit of HMCS Snowberry, modified to represent HMCS Chilliwack, built by Bill Hutcherson. It required quite a bit of modification on engine room decking - moving the 2 pounder bandstand aft, adding steel deck to accommodate the 26 foot whaler, including a fair amount of GLS upgrading. 
Leander Class Variants, British Frigates, MT Miniatures, Built by Tony Stubbs - Tony Stubbs recently came across a site that is producing 1/700 scale resin kits of Royal Navy ships from the 60s,70s and 80s. The site is MT Miniatures (A link to MT Miniatures is on the home page). Tony purchased all 4 of their Leander Class variations and with a bit of help from some White Ensign Models brass and some Dragon spares he got a very nice result. 
Tarantul II, Missile Boat, Innex 1:400 Scale, Built by Hans Beernink - Here is Hans Beernink's 1/400 scale Innex Tarantul II class missile boat.  The Innex, which Hans believes is from the Mirage line and is based from that kit. It had a good overall shape but its details were soft. Much of the kit was re-worked or scratch-built. 
HMS Exeter D89, Type 42 British Destroyer, Skywave/Pitroad 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - These are photos of Bob Cicconi's latest build, the Skywave/Pit Road 1/700 scale HMS Exeter D-89, that he did as part of a group build. 
HMS Montgomery, Town Class Destroyer, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Glavan Srdjan - Here are a few pictures of the latest work by Captain Glavan Srdjan. It is a model of HMS Montgomery Town Class destroyer produced by White Ensign Models in 1:350 scale. To build this resin model he spent approximately one month and as you can see at the end, it is very nice presentation. 
HMCS Fennel, Canadian Corvette, Matchbox 1:72 Scale, Built by Kevin Wenker - This is the Matchbox corvette kit in 1:72 scale kit totally redone by Kevin Wenker as the HMCS Fennel using the GLS (Great Little Ships) brass replacement and accessories package.  It is painted with Mr. Color and Tamiya and weathered with oil paints. 
Sachsen, Federal German Frigate, NNT 1:700 Scale, Built by Norbert Thiel - Here are  photographs of the, Sachsen of the Federal German Navy, from NNT in 1: 700 scale and built by Norbert Thiel. Everything used for this build is included in the kit. 
Commandant Bourdais, French Aviso Escorteur, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale, Built by Nicolas Dupont - These are the  pictures of Commandant Bourdais, a French aviso escorteur in the groéland in the sixties, in a mission in fishing boat assistance. The model, built by Nicolas Dupont, is the one from L'Arsenal in1:400 scale. 
HMS Trafalagar, Battle Class Destroyer, H-P Models, Built by John Rodriguez Asti - The model is an H-P Models  1/700 scale HMS Trafalgar. In the past year John Rodriguez Asti bought a H-P Models HMS St. James kit from Pacific Front Hobbies  and  he decided to complete it as the HMS Trafalgar. In John's opinion he believes that is one of the best kit from H-P Models. 
USS Brownson DD-868, Gearing Class Destroyer, Dragon 1:350 Scale, Built by Jeff Prowse - These are photographs of Jeff Prowse's latest project DRAGON's 1/350 scale Gearing Class destroyer built as USS Brownson DD-868. He used White Ensign Models photo-etch and Scale Master decals. 
PCE-877 Okinawa Campaign 1945, Scratch-Built in 1:96 Scale by Steve Kohls -   The model of the PCE-877 is scratch-built by Steve Kohls in 1/96 scale and represents her configuration during the OKINAWA CAMPAIGN.  She displays the measure 22 camouflage. 
RSS Sea Scorpion, Missile Patrol Boat Singapore Navy, Scratch-Built in 1:350 Scale by Zenden Ng - Zenden Ng served onboard RSS Sea Scorpion for nearly 4 years out of his short 6 year career in the Republic of Singapore Navy . It left a huge affection and impression on him. Zenden wanted to own it but unfortunately, there is no available kit of this model. So he needed to do it the hard way and scratch-built his former boat. 
HMS Tartar 1944, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - Bob Cicconi's latest build is the Trumpeter 1/700 scale  HMCS Huron 1944 built as the HMS Tartar 1944. The kit is pretty decent, but needs a little cosmetic work on the hull.
PT-109 Modeled with Dazzle Camouflage Scheme, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Ed Wong - Here are photographs of a Revell 1:72 scale PT-109  built by Ed Wong. The build is pretty much straight out of the box, with some exceptions. The model was used to display a unique dazzle or zebra camouflage scheme that appeared on another boat. 
Ayanami, Japanese Destroyer 1942, Pitroad 1:700 Scale, Built by Dan Kaplan - This is the PitRoad Ayanami kit in1/700 scale Fubuki Type II kits, modeled as Ayanami 1942, at the time of the Guadalcanal campaign. Ayanami was sunk November 14-15 during the one of the ferocious, close range night battles with US forces. 
Legionario, Italian Destroyer 1944, Scratch-Built in 1:200 Scale by Aldo Petrina - Here are photographs of the Regia Marina destroyer, Legionario, as she appeared in 1944 as a member of the Co-Belligerent Italian Navy. The model is 1:200 scale and was scratch-built by Aldo Petrina from Italy using yard plans that he was able to procure. 
USS England DE-635 Destroyer Escort, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Chuck Bauer - DE-635, a Buckley-class destroyer escort, was named in honor of Ensign John C. England, who was killed in action aboard the USS Oklahoma during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor . This is Chuck Bauer's build of the Trumpeter 1:350 scale USS England.
HMS Sheffield Type 42 Batch 1 Destroyer, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder -  White Ensign Models produced a 1:350th scale kit of the Nottingham. This kit is of a batch 2 Type 42, whereas the Sheffield was a batch 1. Helped by a set of Jecobin plans of her Phil Reeder managed to alter the kit to batch 1 standard.  
Shirayuki, Fubuki Type 1 Special Type, Pitroad 1:700 Scale, Built by Dan Kaplan - Pictured is Shirayuki, a Fubuki class Type I destroyer, from the PitRoad Fubuki kit, modeled in her early war fit as of March 1943 at the Battle of the Bismarck Sea, where she was sunk. The only notable change to her fit at that time was the replacement of her 7.5m motor launches with larger 10m, cargo type launches.
USS Monssen DD-436 May 1941, Dragon 1:350 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder - These are  photos of Phil Reeder's conversion of the Dragon 350th scale Livermore kit. It depicts the Monssen as she appeared in May 1941,when first completed.
HMAS Voyager 1964, 1:24 Scale, Scratch-Built by Ken Taylor - If you think that you have trouble with finding space for your models, how about this model of HMAS Voyager, which is in 1:24th scale scratch-built by Ken Taylor. That's right, 1:24th scale! It measures just over 16-feet (5m) long and tops out over 350 pounds (160kg). 
USS Van Valkenburg DD-656, Fletcher Class Destroyer, Iron Shipwright 1:192 Scale, Built by Alan McGivern - In light of all the discussions lately about the best destroyer, Alan McGivern thought he would show some photos of his latest model. Alan built the USS Van Valkenburg out of the Iron Shipwrights 1:192 scale Fletcher kit, which was a great kit with some nice photo-etch. 
HMS Diamond, Daring Class Destroyer, Scratch-Built in 1:350 Scale by Phil Reeder - This is Phil Reeder's scratch-built model of the Daring class destroyer HMS Diamond, as she appeared in 1953. The scale is 1/350th and all construction was done with plastic sheet ,and spare parts. I used a set of Nexus plans in 1" = 8 feet. The 4.5 barrels were BMK  4.7" brass barrels. 
USS Turner Joy DD-951, BaD Models and Scratch-Built in 1:96 Scale by Robert Rodriquez - USS Turner Joy DD-951 is a BaD Models kit , which Robert Rodriguez has modified and detailed out. He really likes this line of kits, as they are pretty good and they give him plenty of opportunity for detailing. The hull is plank on frame construction, and then fiber glassed. The superstructure was sheeted in .015 sheet plastic, the masts are plastic rod and as are the antenna arrays. 
USS Fletcher, Tamiya 1:350 Scale, Built by Don Clark - Don Clark just started to do 1/350 scale warship models with photo-etch. This Tamiya USS Fletcher has a combination of Gold Medal Models and Eduard photo-etch. It is his first finished ship with photo-etch. There are some scratch-built items on the ship particularly on the deck houses. 
HMS Dainty 1934, White Ensign Models Glowworm 1:350 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder - This is Phil Reeder's build of White Ensign Model's 1:350th scale HMS Glowworm kit. He back-dated it to represent HMS Dainty, as she appeared in 1934. Phil used a  Norman Ough plan of the Daring to help him do this. Many minor alterations were made to some of the kit parts. 
USS Gearing, Scratch-Built in 1:350 Scale by Pierre Marchal - Pierre Marchal prefers to scratch-build in 1:350 scale rather than to work on commercial kits. His subject of choice are the ships of the US Navy of World War Two, especially those that served in the Pacific. This is Pierre's build of USS Gearing, shown in three parts from the process through the final model on a water textured base. 
USS Winslow TB-5, Foote Class Torpedo Boat 1898, Lone Star 1:192 Scale, Built by Mark Leonard - These are photographs of Mark Leonard's build of Lone Star's 1/192 scale Foote-class torpedo boat, USS WINSLOW, TB-5. USS WINSLOW saw action during the Spanish-American war, most notably at the Battle of Cardenas, where she was extensively damaged by shore batteries.
HMS Jupiter 1941, B-Resina 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - This is the 1/700 scale B-Resina HMS Jupiter, as she appeared in October of 1941.  The kit is actually very nicely cast, but the weapons, boats, davits, etc., are dated and Bob Cicconi replaced them with better detailed parts. 
Sovremenny Class Russian Destroyer, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Katseas Kostas - This is the Trumpeter Sovremenny class destroyer in 1:350 scale built by Katseas Kostas with the Gold Medal Model's photo-etch set detail.
Se-Jong the Great, Korean Destroyer, Scratch-Built from Wood by Song Jung Gun - Song Jung Gun finished another ship model, scratch-built from wood. It took him over four months to build. It is the KD-3 (Korean Destroyer), the Se-Jong the Great
HMS Daring, British Stealth Destroyer, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built from the First Test Shot by the Mad One, Peter "Mad Pete" Hall - It is October 27 on a dark, rainy Tuesday. With only days remaining until Halloween, there have been stirrings in the primordial forest in the towering peaks of the Cotswalds. An eerie blue  light appeared in the highest tower of Castle Hall, long the haunt of the Mad One. What was "Mad Pete" preparing to haunt modelers everywhere? The answer is now apparent, it is the HMS Daring, stealth destroyer, just released from White Ensign Models in 1:350 scale. 
Yukikaze, Hasegawa 1:350 Scale, Built by Daniel Keck - Daniel Keck built the Hasegawa 1:350 scale Yukikaze. He built it as the destroyer appeared in Operation Ten Go in April 1945 using Colourcoat paints (White Ensign Models) from Snyder and Short. 
USS Laffey, Dragon 1:350 Scale, Built by Mark Taylor - This is Dragon's new 1/350 scale Laffey. Mark Taylor painted her in the Measure 21 Navy Blue color scheme that she last appeared in before sinking the early morning hours of November 13, 1942 in Iron Bottom Sound. 
Polish Card Destroyers by Maly Modelarz, Built by Michal Lason - During Michal Lason's last visit home to Poland, he found models that were there since his youth. They were made something like 30 years ago! All are cardboard models of the Polish destroyers, which are his favourite type of ships, from "Maly Modelarz" or "Young Modeler" kits. 
Forbin, Horizon Class Frigate, Veteran Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Hanchang Kuo - This is 1/700 Modern French Navy Horizon class guided missile frigate Forbin built by Hanchang Kuo. This one is a test shot from Veteran Models of Taiwan. The box he received contains finely cast resin parts with exquisite details. 
PT-596 80-Foot Elco PT Boat, Italeri 1:35 Scale, Built by Michael Golden - The Italeri 1/35 scale PT Boat 596 is a large model and the fit is excellent. Michael Golden used Lion Roar's up-date photo-etch set, which is 6 photo-etch frets. 
USS Alywin FF1081, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Robert McGhee - The most recent build of Robert McGhee is the Iron Shipwrights USS Ainsworth, built as the USS Alywin, FF-1081. The kit was built for a friend whose brother served on board the Alywin. To quote Robert, "...Jon at Iron Shipwrights was a dream ..." 
HMS Campbeltown, Revell 1:240 Scale, Built by Alec Cap - The following photographs are of my H.M.S Campbeltown in 1/240 scale by Revell. Alec Cap has used photo-etch from White Ensign Models and the camouflage should be the same as her sister ship. 
USS Fletcher, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Shaun Lehman - This is Shaun Lehman's first ship model, Tamiya's 1/700 scale USS Fletcher, with Gold Medal Models US Destroyer / Cruiser photo-etch. 
USS Fletcher, Revell of Germany 1:144 Scale, Photographs by Alfred Murr - Here are the first pictures from the newly tooled Fletcher-Class DD in 1/144 scale from Revell of Germany. The pictures are from the 3rd Series test-shot and sent by Alfred "Alf" Murr
RN Ciclone, Italian Torpedo Boat, Delphis Model 1:350 Scale, Built by Luciano Rizzato - This is the RN Ciclone, Torpediniera di Scorta in 1:350 scale . The maker of the kit is Delphis Models, Italy. 
Al Hani, Libyan Frigate, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Brett Morrow - This is a 1/700 scale resin kit of the Al Hani produced by Combrig from Russia, this manufacturer also produces the three other variants of this class, the Russian prototype `Delfin`,the Yugoslav `Beograd` and the Algerian `Rais Corso`, these are the only models of this class produced in any scale. Built by Brett Morrow
USS Hopkins DD-7, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - Here are some photos of Felix Bustelo's build of the Iron Shipwright USS Hopkins DD-7 kit. It is a great little kit which captures the lines and the distinctive turtleback bow of this class of early US Navy destroyers. 
HMCS Kootenay, Canadian Destroyer, Resin Shipyard 1:350 Scale, Built by Dave Judy - Dave Judy built this 1/350 scale HMCS Kootenay Canadian destroyer for Darren Scannell of "The Resin Shipyard". Dave found this kit very enjoyable to build. 
USS Brewton FF-1086, Knox Class Frigate, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Tony Bunch - This is the 1/350 scale USS Brewton FF-1086 WestPac 1976-77 (White Ensign Models FF-1052 kit). This is a Knox class frigate originally designated DE-1086. 
HMS Corunna, Battle Class Destroyer, Frog 1:325 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder - The very first plastic kit of a British warship was produced in 1958 by a company called FROG. It was of a Battle class destroyer and it was in 1/325th scale. After ordeals greater than those of Ulysses, this golden oldie is brought to you by Phil Reeder
USS Johnston DD-557, Iron Shipwright 1:192 Scale, Built by Dave Judy - This is the Iron Shipwright 1/192 scale Fletcher done as USS Johnston DD 557 by newly minted tarheel, Dave Judy. In a mere six weeks Dave managed to nail this one together but not with a nail gun.
USS Harry E. Hubbard DD-748 1962-1966, Skywave 1:700 Scale, Converted by Carl Musselman - Here are photos of the USS Harry E. Hubbard DD-748 as she was in 1962-1966. Carl Musselman converted 1/700 scale Skywave Allen M. Sumner and USS Gearing model kits for this fit. 
HMS Ashanti, Tribal Class Destroyer 1941-1942, 1:192 Scale, Scratch-Built by John R. Haynes - The 1/192 scale model, scratch-built by John Haynes, is of HMS Ashanti 1941/2 finished in a Peter Scott blue and white Arctic service camouflage. 
USS Arleigh Burke, Panda 1:350 Scale, Built by Peter Hall - What rare resin kit has Peter Hall, the mad one of White Ensign Models, just finished? In a quick visit to Mad Pete's rubber room in the WEM Asylum, we see that is the old Panda 1:350 scale kit of Arleigh Burke
USS Badger DD-126, Airfix 1:600 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - This is the build of Felix "Man About Town" Bustelo of the venerable Airfix 1/600 scale kit of the HMS Campbelltown. Cosmo decided to build it as the USN flushdecker USS Badger in a 1930s fit. 
HMS Iron Duke Type 23 Frigate, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder - This is the build of the White Ensign Models 1/350th scale Type 23. As Phil Reeder was lucky enough to visit HMS Iron Duke, he decided to build her. 
Bespokojnyi, Russian Sovremenny Class Destroyer, Trumpeter 1:200 Scale - Luciano Rizzato of Associazione Modellistica Monfalconese - Monfalcone Italy built the Trumpeter 1:200 scale model of the Sovremenny Class Destroyer of the Russian Navy as RFS Bespokojnyi D 620. 
USS Donnell, Buckley Class Destroyer Escort, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Werner De keersmaecker - This is the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit for USS England DE635.  The ship became the USS Donnell, built by Werner De keersmaecker
HMS Milne, M Class Destroyer, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale, Built by An Chu - This the the 1:700 scale HMS Milne. The kit is produced by White Ensign Models and was built by An Chu
Hamilton WHEC-715, High Endurance Cutter, JAG 1:700 Scale, Built by Pete Canter - This is Pete Canter's version of the Coast Guard High Endurance Cutter Hamilton WHEC 715 manufactured by JAG. It was his very first 1/700 scale resin ship. 
USS Ingraham FFG-61, Dragon 1:700 Scale, Built by Carl Musselman - This model is the 1/700 scale USS Ingraham FFG-61 by DRAGON. It is mostly straight out of the box. Carl Musselman did, however, scratch-build the flag staff on the mast and added steel wire rod for the antennas. 
USS Coontz DDG-40, Niko Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro - Here are some pictures of the USS Coontz DDG-40 (Farragut Class) in 1/700 scale by Niko Model, built by Maurizio Chiaro. At this moment the whale boat, and the starboard crew boat are not attached. The matt coat on the horizontal surfaces has not yet been applied. 
Chung Mu Gong Yi Sun Shin, Korean Destroyer 1:150 Scale, Scratch-Built by Song Jung Gun - This is the recent project of Song Jung Gun, the Korean destroyer-2(KD-2), Chung Mu Gong Yi Sun Shin. It took 5.5 months to complete. All of all materials are wood. The scale is 1/150. 
USS England, USN Destroyer Escort, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Sang Hyun Park - This is the USS England DE-635, Buckley Class Destroyer Escort by Trumpeter in 1/350 scale built by Sang Hyun Park
HMS Onslow, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder from WEM Kelly Kit - This is a White Ensign Models 1/350 scale kit of the Kelly, converted to HMS Onslow by Phil Reeder
Schnellboot S-100, Revell 1:72 Scale built by Maurizio Barbalucca - Maurizio Barbalucca built this model. The model is the Revell 1/72 scale S-100 Schnellboot with some upgrades in the form of photo-etch from White Ensign Models and some parts handmade with plasticard, brass wire and brass sheet (machinegun shield) Colourcoats were used from the W.E.M. Kriegsmarine set, and weathering with MIG power. Photographs are by Dario Agostinelli.
HMS Lancaster Type 23 RN Frigate, White Ensign Models1:350 Scale, Built by Peter Hall - Mad Pete just completed the build of the brand new White Ensign Models Type 23 Frigate in 1/350 scale. It has only been released for two weeks but the Mad One had a head start having to build up part of the test shot whilst preparing the instruction sheets. 
USS Spruance DD-963, Minicraft 1:700 Scale, Built by Guilherme Santos - This is the Minicraft kit in 1/700 scale of the USS Spruance (DD-963) built by Guilherme D. Santos, from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 
HMS Milne 1942-1943, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - Peter Fulgoney's first White Ensign Models build is HMS Milne in 1:700 scale. Peter painted it in the "lurid" camouflage scheme of 1942 to 1943. 
Schleswig Holstein D182, Modern German Destroyer, Admiralty Model Works 1:700 Scale, Built by Christoph Mentzel - Here are some more photographs of the German Navy destroyer D182 Schleswig Holstein. The kit is from Admiralty Model Works in 1:700 scale and was built by Christoph Mentzel
Gwanggaeto The Great, Korean Destroyer, Scratch-Built by Song Jung Gun - This is the warship model, the Gwanggaeto The Great, Korean destroyer KD-1 built by Song Jung Gun. It took four months to complete the model and it is made from wood. 
HMS Bluebell, Flower Class Corvette, White Ensign Models, Built by Peter Randall - This is the White Ensign Models 1:700 scale HMS Bluebell, Flower Class corvette kit. Built more or less straight from the box by Peter Randall, it is a real gem of a kit. 
TZY Yang 930, Republic of China Destroyer, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Chen. Chih-Pang - This model is the 1:350 scale kit of the GEARING- Class destroyer by Commanders/Iron Shipwright & Veteran Models. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the TZY-Yang 930 of the R.O.C. Navy. 
USS The Sullivans, USN Fletcher Class Destroyer, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Werner De keersmaecker - Werner De keersmaecker built the Trumpeter kit of the USS The Sullivans in 1/350 scale, using Gold Medal Models photo-etch set. Some additions of his own were kit-bashed guns, gun directors, funnel grilles. 
USN Patrol Boat, River (PBR), Tamiya 1:35 Scale, Built by Charles Reynolds - The kit is a 1/35th. scale Tamiya kit of a PBR of the Vietnam era, built by Charles Reynolds. This Patrol River Boat kit had the usual Tamiya quality and was real fun to build. The detail was great and the instructions were very explicit. 
USS Hawes FFG-53, Perry Class Frigate, Blue Water Navy 1:350 Scale, Built by Anthony Cash - The 1:350 scale USS Hawes FFG-53 Oliver Perry Class Frigate was built from the Blue Water Navy kit by Anthony Cash. She was reconstructed and highly modified to mirror her true real-life appearance when Anthony was an enlisted sailor on this very vessel 1997-1998. 
Velos, Greek Destroyer, Lindberg Blue Devil Fletcher Destroyer 1:125 Scale, Built by Alain Craniotakis - This is the Greek Destroyer Velos (ex Uss Charrette) and the Lindberg interpretation of it by Alain Craniotakis. Alain is a pure beginner so you might find it only an approximation, but as you know the Lindberg Blue Devil 1:125 scale Fletcher kit isn't easy to get good looking under the best circumstances. 
HMS Starling, British Sloop, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Pete Randall - This is the White Ensign Models 1:700 scale HMS Starling, built more or less straight from the box by Pete Randall, and a real gem of a kit. It is a very impressive and busy little kit, especially the quarter deck with depth charge racks, launchers, stowage racks and ready use ammo lockers. 
Yukikaze, Hasegawa 1:350 Scale, Built by Dade W. Bell - Here is the Hasegawa 1/350 scale Yukikaze, 1940 fit built by Dade W. Bell. The photo-etch is the excellent set by Tom's Modelworks. The paint is custom-mixed Tamiya with Vallejo used for the linoleum. 
Otchayanny, Sovremenny Class Destroyer, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - This is the ever popular Trumpeter 1/350 scale Sovremenny class Destroyer Otchayanny. This is the first ship model of John Griesbacker since he was about ten. 
USS Mahan 1942, Midship Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Dade W. Bell - Here is the Midship Models 1/700 scale USS Mahan in 1942 fit. Dade Bell considered that this was a really fun little kit and he enjoyed building her. 
Likhoi, Imperial Russian Destroyer, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by David LaPell - This is the Russian destroyer Likhoi in 1/700 scale from Combrig models. David LaPell built the model pretty much out of the box with White Ensign Models photo-etch. 
Falke 143 Class & Gepard 143A Class, Revell 1:144 Scale, Built by Doug Hallet - These are photos of the Revell 1/144 scale Albatros/143 class (built as P6112, Falke) and Gepard/143A class Bundesmarine fast attack boats, built by Doug Hallet
Yue Fei 1106, Cheng Kung Class Frigate, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale, Built by Chen.Chih-Pang - This model is the 1:350 scale kit of the Perry Class FFG by Yankee Modelworks with Veteran Models detail parts. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the Yue Fei 1106.It is one of the Cheng Kung Class frigates of R.O.C. Navy. 
V108, German Torpedo Boat, Digital Navy 1:200 Scale, Built by Dade Bell - Here are pictures of the V108 WWI German Torpedo Boat in 1/200 scale built by Dade Bell. This is a paper model produced by Digital Navy and he added cardboard rails from GPM
Elbing Class, German Torpedo Boat, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Guillermo Martinez Baz - Here you are some photographs of a German Elbing-class Torpedoboot, Heller 1/400 scale, built by Guillermo Martinez Baz. These torpedo boats were heavily armed, had large mining capacity, and were regarded as little destroyers in the Kriegsmarine.
Kang Ding, Republic of China Frigate, Veteran Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Chen. Chih-Pang - This model is the 1:700 scale kit of the Kang Ding- Class frigate by Veteran Models. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the Kang Ding 1202. It is one of the Kang Ding Class frigates of R.O.C. Navy built on the French La Fayette Class frigate design.  
PT-109, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Fritz Koopman, Photographs by Matt Grzybinski - This model was built by Fritz Koopman and photos are by Matt Grzybinski. This is the Revell 1/72nd scale kit, updated with the 37mm gun from the Hasegawa Jeep kit, and White Ensign Models' excellent photo-etch set. 
USS Ford FFG-54, O. H. Perry Class Frigate, Scratch-Built in 1:96 Scale by Frederick Smith - This is a scratch-built, radio controlled, 1/96th scale, Oliver Hazard Perry Class Guided Missile Frigate U.S.S. Ford, FFG-54 by Frederick Smith
RN Ciclone, Italian Destroyer/Torpedo Boat, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale, Built by Dino Carancini - This is the first ship model of Dino Carancini. It is the Regia Marina 1:700 scale kit of the Italian destroyer/torpedo boat, RN Ciclone. All of the photographs are by Marcello Menta
Dan Yung DD12, Republic of China Destroyer, Veteran Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Jeff Lin - This is the latest work of Jeff Lin, the Veteran Model 1/700 R.O.C Navy DD-12 Dan Yung, (ex IJN Yukikaze). The IJN Yukikaze was given in compensation to Republic of China Navy at Shanghai on July 6,1947 and then renamed DD-12 "Dan Yung". 
DeGrasse, French Guided Missile Destroyer, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - This is a model of the modern French Marine Nationale DeGrasse, which is one of three ships in the Tourville class of missile destroyers. This is the Heller kit of that class, which is good but sparse in detail. Felix Bustelo used the excellent L'Arsenal resin/brass/decal upgrade set for this kit. 
Chen-Yang, Republic of China Destroyer, Veteran Model 1:700 Scale, Built by Chen. Chih-Pang - This model is the 1:700 scale kit of the GEARING- Class destroyer by Veteran Models. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the Chen-Yang 912. DDG-912 Chen-Yang was the ex-USS James E. Kyes ADD-787. 
RN Audace, Italian Destroyer 1943, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale, Built by Giampiero Galeotti - This is the Italian destroyer Audace in 1943. Giampiero Galeotti built the 1:700 scale kit from L'Arsenal and also added his own Regia Marina photo-etch 20mm/65 single AA guns and rails. 
USS John C. Butler, Destroyer Escort 1:192 Scale, Scratch-Built by Bill Everett - These are pictures of the 1/192 scale model of USS John C. Butler (DE339). It is scratch-built by Bill Everett using Floating Drydock plans and parts from HR Products and Bluejacket Marine. 
Han-Yang DD-15, Republic of China Destroyer, Yankee Modelworks 1:350 Scale, Built by Chen. Chih-Pang - This model is the 1:350 scale kit of the Benson Class destroyer by Yankee Modelworks. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the Han-Yang 15, ex-USS Kirk DD-427, of the navy of the Republic of China. 
Z-31, German Destroyer, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Guillermo Martinez Baz - This is the Heller 1:400 scale kit of the German destroyer Z-31 built by Guillermo Martinez Baz. The construction involved no major problems, but as Heller provides only bare structures, so all the rest of details and equipment had to be scratch-built. 
Tupolev G5, Soviet Torpedo Boats, 1:700 Scale, Scratch-Built by Peter Fulgoney - named the SH4, which carried 2 x 450mm torpedoes, launched aft. The SH4  torpedo boat was designed by A.N. Tupolev, noted Soviet aircraft designer. This design was developed further resulting in the G5 variant, a sleek design like the torpedo itself built for speed in a typical 1920s design of a fine streamlined metal profile. Peter Fulgoney scratch-built these G5s in 1:700 scale. 
Surcouf, La Fayette Class Frigate, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Glavan Srdjan - Glavan Srdjan built this model of the 1/400 scale Frigate Sorcouf, type La Fayette from Heller. He spent around 20 days to finish the model and for painting he used Tamiya acrylic colors. 
HMS Apollo, Royal Navy Frigate, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Chee Wee Sim - This is the Royal Navy frigate, HMS Apollo. The model is from White Ensign Models in 1:350 scale and was built by Chee Wee Sim
Ayanami, Japanese Destroyer 1929, Tamiya 1:700 Scale, Built by Stephen Shrimpton - This is the IJN Destroyer Ayanami (Special Type Mark II) produced by Tamiya in 1:700 scale. This is one of the aging Tamiya IJN destroyer kits and although they are not up to the highly detailed modern kit standard, Stephen Shrimpton modified the kit to portray the ship as built. 
V106, German Destroyer 1914, Mirage 1:400 Scale, Built by Guido Amadini This is a 1:400 scale model of a German destroyer/torpedo boat V106 of WWI built by Guido Amadini. The producer of the kit is Mirage, a Polish company.  
USS Arnold J. Isbell DD-869 1954, 1:192 Scale, Scratch-Built by Charles Matthews Charles Matthews scratch-built this USS Arnold J. Isbell DD-869 in 1:192 scale about ten years ago. The ship is in her appearance when Charles’ father served on her from 1953 to 1955.
Hr. Ms. Kortenaer, Dutch Destroyer 1930, H-P Model 1:700 Scale, Review by Mike McCabe - Destroyers with floatplanes are irresistible. At least Mike McCabe thought so when he built the 1:700 scale Dutch destroyer Kortenaer from H-P Models as she appeared in 1930 in the Dutch East Indies. Overall he thought that these are interesting and good looking ships. The HP kit is a good start but does miss out some of the detail, which makes these ships look so busy. 
USS Benjamin Stoddart DDG-22, Dragon 1:700 Scale, Built by Tony Bunch This is the Dragon 1:700 scale kit of USS Cochrane DDG-21 built as the Benjamin Stoddart DDG-22. As part of a display called “Gun Run, Tonkin Gulf 1972” the ship is portrayed under fire from North Vietnamese shore batteries.
HMS Glowworm, B-Resina 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Kernaghan - These photographs show the HMS Glowworm. This kit is in 1:700 scale and produced by B-Resina. The model was built by Rob Kernaghan.
RN Gioberti, Poeti Class Italian Destroyer 1940, Regia Marina 1:700 Scale, Built by Giampiero Galeotti - These are photographs of the RN Gioberti, a Poeti Class destroyer, as of 1940. The kit is produced in 1:700 scale by Regia Marina and is RM-007. The Gioberti was built by Giampiero Galeotti of Regia Marina.
S-100, Revell 1:72 Scale This is the Revell 1:72 scale model of the S-100. Garth Connelly sent in the photographs of the model built for him by Stan Pienkowski.
USS Bronstein FF-1037, 1:311 Scale - These are pictures of a scratch-built model by Phil Toy of USS Bronstein FF1037 in her configuration sometime after January 1987. The exact date is not known as the reference pictures were courtesy of Alan Warner. The pictures show her at San Diego Naval Station but assigned to Desron33 ( Pearl Harbor based). The scale is 1:311.
Silny, Krivak Class Frigate, Skywave 1:700 Scale - This model is of the Silny (Strong), a Krivak Batch 1 Frigate. The model is by Skywave in 1:700 scale and was built by John Carystinos. John used the Gold Medal Models Photo-Etch set of Soviet Destroyers and Cruiser detail. He also made several additions and modifications to the amidships superstructure in overall shape and support structures for the owl screech radar platform.
USS Kidd, Modified Blue Devil Destroyer, Lindberg 1:125 Scale - The Lindberg Blue Devil destroyer in 1:125 scale is legendary among naval modelers. The attraction of the kit is it's size. The downside is about everything else. Len Roberto was amazed at what Ernie Webber did when he built the kit as USS Kidd. Photographs and text by Len Roberto. 
USS Russell DD-414, 1943, Modified Sims Kit, Classic Warships 1:192 Scale - This is the Classic Warships 1:192 scale USS Sims altered as the USS Russell DD-414 in 1943. As the Classic kit is from the 1942 timeframe, some changes were to be made to the kit by Dave Judy
Bezuprechney, Sovremenny Class Destroyer, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - "Look at what that man has made me do!" Headlines from one of Fleet Street's finest? Today's topic on Ophra? No, its Mad Pete about Jim Baumann. Peter Hall built the Trumpeter Project 956 Sovremenny class Destroyer as the Northern Fleet ship Bezuprechney.  He have used only the White Ensign Models photo-etch details on this model, which is no surprise, plus a pair of cage antenna wire spreaders from the ones that he made for Jim Baumann. 
HMCS Athabaskan, Canadian Tribal Class Destroyer, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - This is the 1:350 scale HMCS Athabaskan built by Ryan Cameron. He used the Iron Shipwright HMS Zulu kit as a base for the modifications to a Canadian Tribal class destroyer. 
HMS Obedient, Tamiya 1:700 Scale - This is the Tamiya 1:700 scale Royal Navy O Class destroyer modified from the gun version to mine layer version. The idea for this came from two superb photos in Alan Raven's book, RN Camouflage Volume Two, showing Obedient at anchor. Built by by Pete Randall
Khrabry, Imperial Russian Gunboat, Combrig 1:700 Scale - These are 5 photos of the Russian gunboat "Khrabry". It is a fairly recent 1:700 Combrig kit. Although small, it has a great amount of detail and pretty heavy armament. Bob Cicconi used photo-etched rails and ladders, and sprue for the rigging. Otherwise it is out of the box. 
USS Cone DD-866, Fram I Destroyer, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - This is a model of the ship on which John Crawford was stationed in 1965-68. It is the USS Cone, DD 866 Fram 1 Gearing Class destroyer. Built in 1945 and sold to Pakistan in 1982. The kit is the Commanders/Iron Shipwright, Fram 1 Johnston 1:350 scale. 
USS Gwin DD-433 1942, Blue Water Navy 1:350 Scale - The USS Gwin in Ms. 12 mod camouflage was built by Van Argabright. The model depicts the ship as she appeared as one of the escorts on the Doolittle raid. The kit is in 1:350 scale from Blue Water Navy, now Yankee Modelworks
Higgins PT Boat, Revell 1:100 Scale - This is the vintage Revell 1:100 scale Higgins PT boat, originally marketed as PT 212 or 207 and built by Kevin Mickna. The structure of this model actually more closely resembles later Higgins designs, when the bridge turrets were moved further aft beginning with the PT 450 class.
Hatsuzuki, Imperial Japanese Destroyer, Nichimo 1:200 Scale - This is the Hatsuzuki, Akizuki Class large AA destroyer of the Imperial Japanese Navy. The kit is the 1:200 scale model from Nichimo. It was built by Luciano Rizzato of the modeling club, Modellistica Monfalconese
La Fayette, Modern French Stealth Frigate, L'Arsenal 1:700 Scale - La Fayette, the ultra sleek modern French frigate built with stealth features is modeled in 1:700 scale from L'Arsenal. These photographs show the L'Arsenal La Fayette as built by Ayala Botto
USCGC Thetis WMEC-910, Medium Endurance Cutter, JAG 1:700 Scale - These are photographs of JAG's medium endurance cutter WMEC-910 Thetis. Koufopoulos Nektarios  built the kit in which he added  two quadruple harpoon launchers and a phalanx CIWS to the model.
HMS Glowworm in Heavy Seas 1939, Modified Airfix Hotspur Kit 1:600 Scale - If you want to see a destroyer take on heavy rollers, you will want to see this model of HMS Glowworm in 1939. Max Cosby started with the Airfix HMS Hotspur kit in 1:600 scale and modified it for the G Class destroyer.
USCGC Tampa, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - Here's a couple shots of Commanders/Iron Shipwright's 1:350 scale USCGC Tampa WPG-48, as she looked during service with the Greenland Patrol. What a neat little kit! Ideal for a beginner in resin! 
HMAS Vampire, Australian Destroyer, Oz Mods 1:350 Scale - This is the Australian destroyer HMAS Vampire produced by Oz Mods in 1:350 scale. It is a nice kit. I think I'd describe it as a quick build with decent detail but room for extras. Built by Michael Taylor.
HMCS Ottawa, Canadian Destroyer, 1:192 Scale - These are two photographs of the scratch-built HMCS Ottawa, built by Robert Dibbon. She is in 1:192 scale and 21-inches long with a solid hull. Except for the screws and watertight doors she is completely scratch-built.
USS Woodson DE-359 1957, Skywave J.C. Butler 1:700 Scale - Here are some shots of the USS Woodson, DE-359. John Fox modernized the 1:700 scale Skywave World War Two J.C. Butler kit to reflect the Woodson as she appeared in 1957 when John's father served aboard her. John scratch built the mast, hedgehog launcher, and 40mm gun tubs, as well as super-detailed both the 5-inch mounts and the 40mm guns. He used Tom's Modelworks photo-etch. 
USCGC Cape Strait CG-95308, Cape Class 95 foot Cutter, Lindberg - T. Garth Connelly sent in these photographs of his model of the USCGC Cape Strait CG-95308, Cape Class 95 foot Coast Guard cutter. The model is an old Lindberg supercharged with extra accessories. The kit was built for Garth by John Halloran
Meko 200 Modern Frigates, the Hydra of Greece and the Vasco Da Gama of Portugal, 1:700 Scale - The Blohm & Voss designed MEKO 200 Class frigates have been a very successful design. Six nations, Greece, Turkey, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand and Germany have purchased the design. Through modular assembly, each ship can be customized to the specific capabilities desired by each country's navy. Ayala Botto describes the Meko 200 Class frigates, as well as the two scratch-built Meko 200 frigates that he built, the Portuguese Vasco Da Gama and Greek Hydra
USS Ingersoll DD-990, Spruance Class Destroyer, Dragon 1:350 Scale - The USS Ingersoll DD-990 was built by Sam Marc of Le Havre, France. The model is the 1:350 scale model of the Spruance Class destroyer produced by Dragon. Sam has been building models since he was fifteen years old. Sam's home city of Le Havre was the French terminal for all of the great Transatlantic passenger liners. 
Fen Yang 934 Ex-USS Kirk FF-1087, Knox Class Frigate, AFV 1:700 Scale - This model is the 1:700 scale kit of the Knox Class frigate by AFV. Chen.Chih-Pang built the model as the Fen Yang 934, ex-USS Kirk FF-1087, of the navy of the Republic of China. 
HMCS Sioux, Canadian War Emergency Programme Fleet Destroyer, 1:350 Scale - To build a replica of the HMCS Sioux, Chris Preston had to think outside of the box. Since there was no commercially available kit of the War Emergency Programme Fleet Destroyer in 1:350 scale, Chris converted a White Ensign Models HMS Janus, plus added custom etched brass from Toms Modelworks for a unique presentation. 
Cazadora F35, Modern Spanish Corvette, 1:700 Scale - From sunny Espana, the Spanish Armada sails again with the Cazadora F35. This corvette entered Spanish service in 1981 with a significant production run. Luis Crespo, couldn't find a commercially produced kit of the ship, so he scratch-built it in 1:700 scale. 
Sovremenny, Project 956 Soviet Destroyer, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - These photographs show the Trumpeter 1:350 scale kit of the Soviet destroyer Sovremenny Project 956 built by Peter Van Buren with the addition of photo-etch from White Ensign Models. This shows the configuration of the first five ships in the class. 
USS Abercrombie DE-343, Bluejacket 1:192 Scale - Bluejacket produces a line of 1:192 scale wooden hull models. One of them is for the Samuel B. Roberts destroyer escort, one of the famed Small Boys of the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Dave Judy built the model as the USS Abercrombie DE-343
SAS Spioenkop, MEKO A200 Frigate, South African Navy, 1:700 Scale - These are photographs of the scratch-built model in 1:700 scale of the South African new corvette MEKO A200 SAN SAS Spioenkop built by John Rodriguez Asti. This model has made with polystyrene sheets and some Gold Medal Models photo-etch parts. John used many photographs, drawings and brochures of this class provided by Blohm & Voss shipyard. 
Chien Yang DDG-912, Veteran Model 1:700 Scale - These are photographs of a model kit by VETERAN Model in 1:700 scale of a former Gearing Class USN destroyer sold to Taiwan on April 18 1973, and renamed Chien Yang. The destroyer was reclassified as Guided Missile Destroyer DDG-912. Chen. Chih-Pang built the kit as the 912 Republic of China NAVY Chien Yang. 
USS Spruance DD-963, Dragon 1:350 Scale - This is the first warship model of Oseok Kwon. This model is the 1:350 scale Dragon USS Spruance. He used Gold Medal Models photo-etch for the radar and Eduard photo-etch for railing and crew. 
USS Charles P. Cecil DD-835, Gearing FRAM I Destroyer, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - This is the model kit of the Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale USS Johnston DD-821 Gearing FRAM I. Chen. Chih-Pang built the kit as the USS CHARLES P. CECIL DD-835
Kang Ding, Republic of China Frigate La Fayette Design, New Model 1:700 Scale - This is the Kang Ding 1202. It is one of the Kang Ding Class frigates of the Republic of China built on the French La Fayette Class frigate design. Chen. Chih-Pang built the New Model kit in 1:700 scale. 
HMCS Fergus, Canadian Flower Class Corvette, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - Time to go to the Western Approaches with the ever popular Flower Class corvette. This time the subject is the Canadian corvette HMCS Fergus in the Western Approaches paint scheme. The model is in 1:350 scale from Commanders/Iron Shipwright and was built by Ryan Cameron. With the latest surge in Revell-Germany U-Boats, we'll need even more Flowers to protect the convoys. 
USS Preble DDG-46, USN Guided Missile Destroyer, 1:311 Scale - Scratch-building is still alive and well. This is the USN guided missile destroyer, USS Preble DDG-46, scratch-built by Phil Toy in 1:311 scale, circa 1986. 
USS Arleigh Burke, Modern USN Destroyer, Blue Water Navy 1:350 Scale - These are photographs of the USS Arleigh Burke, modern destroyer. Don Murphy is building this Blue Water Navy, now Yankee Modelworks, kit in 1:350 scale. 
USS Barry DDG-52, Arleigh Burke Class, Panda 1:350 Scale - The Panda 1:350 scale model of the USS Arleigh Burke has been built into the USS Barry DDG-52 by Luciano Rizzato. In addition to the Panda kit, Luciano used the following products: White Ensign Models PE 3550 for ship details,  Gold Medal Models for photo-etch Watertight Doors and JAG Decals 1:350 scale Warning Circle decals. 
Akatsuki, Japanese Destroyer, Tamiya 1:700 Scale - One of the older Tamiya kits in the classic 1:700 scale waterline series of the warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy is the destroyer Akatsuki. In his first warship kit build since he was a kid, Brandon Hopkins tries his hand at the Akatsuki and likes the results. 
HMS Manchester D95, Type 42 Batch 3 Royal Navy Destroyer, Dragon 1:700 Scale - The Type 42 is the mainstay of the modern Royal Navy destroyer force. HMS Manchester is one of the Batch 3 variants. Michael Sharp  has built the Manchester 1:700 scale kit from Dragon
ARA Hercules, Argentine Destroyer, Revell 1:700 Scale - This is a model of the Argentine destroyer ARA Hercules. The kit is from Revell in 1:700 scale. It was built by Ayala Botto of Lisbon, Portugal. 
HMS Griffin British Destroyer, Card Model in 1:600 Scale - Michael Kaintoch downscaled the 1:400 scale card model of ORP Garland by JSC to build the British destroyer HMS Griffin in 1:600 scale. Clearly Michael as discovered one of the benefits of card models. They can be scaled up or down to the size that you want.
USCGC Mowawk, WPG-78 1942, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - Watch Out! Its the NY Candyman on the prowl again. Felix Bustelo built the 1:350 scale kit of the USCGC Algonquin from Commanders/Iron Shipwright as the USCGC Mowawk in 1942. 
Sovremenny, Russian Destroyer, 1:200 Scale - It took John Sykes over three months to build the 1:200 scale model of the Russian destroyer, Sovremenny, from Trumpeter
USS Taylor FFG-50, BWN 1:350 Scale - This is USS Taylor FFG-50 in 1:350 scale from Blue Water Navy, now Yankee Modelworks. It was built by Mike Taylor. 
USS Fletcher DD-445, Tamiya 1:350 Scale - The tried and true Tamiya 1:350 destroyer kit is a favorite build of modelers everywhere. Sang Hyun Park of the Korea Ship Modeling Club built this Tamiya 1:350 scale USS Fletcher
PLAN Sovremenny Class Destroyer 956E & Haerbin Frigate, Trumpeter 1:200 Scale - This photo shows two 1:200 scale models produced by Trumpeter. They are the export version of the Sovremenny Class destroyer Project 956E and the Haerbin frigate. The models were built by Luciano Rizzato
HMS Kelly, White Ensign Models 1:700 Scale - One of the most famed destroyers in the history of the Royal Navy is the HMS Kelly. Jim Kloek built the White Ensign Models 1:700 scale model of the Kelly
O Class, British Emergency War Program Destroyer - The Royal Navy did not have the time or resources to build first rate destroyers after World War Two started. The RN needed quantity and needed it fast. The O Class was the first of the Emergency War Program designs. Less capable than the preceding pre-war designs of the J - N Classes, the O Class had the twin virtues of being comparatively cheap and quick to build. Pete Randall has built the Tamiya 1:700 scale kit, to show a unit of the O Class in disruptive camouflage. 
USS Hughes DD-410 - In 1944 Louis P. Swan served aboard the USS Hughes DD-410 of off Leyte when she was struck by a kamikaze. His son, Robert Swan, used the 1:350 scale kit of the USS Russell from Iron Shipwright to build a model of his fathers "Tin Can".
Sovremmeny, Russian Guided Missile Destroyer - The Auckland Flash, John Darlington strikes again. This time John puts the Kiwi twist on the 1:200 scale model of the Russian Guided Missile Destroyer, Sovremmeny from Trumpeter. As an additional bonus feature, we get to see the view from John's terrace. 
USS Hugh Purvis DD-709 - Jon Iverson built the USS Hugh Purvis DD-709 as she appeared in the 1950s. He used a Skywave Allen Sumner 1:700 scale kit and added a bridge from the USS Maddox as well as other commercial and scratch-built parts. 
USS Winston Churchill, Arleigh Burke Class Aegis Destroyer - After releasing the USS Cole, Panda will be releasing another destroyer of the Arleigh Burke Class in 1:350 scale. This time it is the USS Winston Churchill. These photographs show the major parts assembled. The photographs are from Panda and were sent to Ray Bean, who sent them on for posting. 
USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 - Last of the all gun destroyer classes of the USN, the USS Forrest Sherman DD-931 is now available in 1:350 scale. Geoff Cook built this kit, originally released by Cascade Modelwerks but now produced by Iron Shipwright
Shenzhen, 1999 People's Liberation Army Navy Destroyer - The 1:200 scale model of the one-off 1999 Chinese destroyer Shenzhen Trumpeter was a trial run by the company for their subsequent Sovremenyy kit. Doug Hallet looks at the Shenzhen through photographs of his build and text. 
USS Kidd, Fletcher Class Destroyer August 1945 - Anyone who has been active in this hobby for any length of time will instantly recognize the name of Bob Steinbrunn. These photographs show his build of the 1:192 scale USS Kidd DD-661, Fletcher Class destroyer as of August 1945. Bob built the "The Pirate of the Pacific" from the kit by Blue Jacket Ship Crafters. Photographs by Ken Sallman.
USS Robert G. Bradley, FFG-49 - The USS Robert G. Bradley FFG-49 is one of the many members of Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates. Brad Crisler built the Bradley using the 1:350 scale kit of Reuben James from Blue Water Navy
USS Duncan FFG-10/John A. Moore FFG-19 - Tim Barron presents a model with a split personality. Tim built the Dragon 1:700 scale model of the Oliver H. Perry Class frigate with 10 on one side and 19 on the other for a friend who had served on both frigates.
Boevoi, Imperial Russian Destroyer 1904 - The Boevoi, built as the Som, was constructed in Britain and purchased by the Imperial Russian Navy. Boevoi, along with other foreign built destroyers, was part of the First Pacific Squadron at Port Arthur. Jim Baumann turns in another superb job in his build of the Boevoi in 1:700 scale by Combrig.
USCG Roger B. Taney - This Revell model of the USCG Cutter Roger B. Taney was built by Robert Rodriguez right from the box and spruced up with photo-etch parts from Gold Medal Models
USS Goldsborough, C.F. Adams Class Destroyer - This is the model of the Charles Adams from White Ensign Models in 1:350 scale. Geoff Cook built the kit to show the USS Goldsborough
Kagero, IJN Destroyer - Rob Mackie makes a rare appearance on Steelnavy with his almost complete 1:350 scale model of the IJN destroyer Kagero. Rob has good things to say about the Blue Water Navy kit, as well as Japanese Destroyer Captain, the book that inspired him to build Kagero.
Akizuki, IJN Anti Aircraft Destroyer - Jim Gordon shows what can be done with the Aoshima 1:700 scale kit of the Japanese Anti Aircraft Destroyer Akizuki. Although this kit has been in production for some time, the detail that Jim added to the basic kit really makes it come alive. All photographs were taken by Rob Mackie.  
RN Ciclone, Italian Torpedo Boat - Called a torpedo boat, the Ciclone was about the same size as a destroyer escort. Giampiero Galeoti has built the 1:350 scale kit of the Ciclone from Delphis.
USS Taylor DD-468 - This model of USS Taylor DD-468 is the 1:350 scale Tamiya kit of the USS Fletcher built by Michael Taylor right from the box.
USS Rathburne, FF-1057 - This AFV Club USS Knox Class frigate was built by Andrew Dunikowski. Andrew built this kit of the USS Rathburne FF-1057, the first warship on which he served, while underway in his current assignment, the USS Iwo Jima LHD-7
Alvaro de Bazan, FFG F101, Spanish Aegis Frigate - William Lam of Hong Kong couldn't find a model of the Spanish Aegis Frigate, Alvaro de Bazan, so he scratch-built one in 1:700 scale. 
USS Keyes DD-787, Gearing Class Destroyer - The Blue Water Navy 1:350 scale kit of the USN Gearing Class destroyer was used by Mike Taylor to build the USS Keyes, DD-787
USS Maddox DD-731, Sumner Class Destroyer - Al Kaplan wanted to honor his father who served on the USS Maddox DD-731, a Sumner Class destroyer. However, there were no 1:350 scale kits of this class. Al shortened the Blue Water Navy 1:350 kit of their Gearing Class destroyer for the Maddox and that was only the start of this two year project. 
HMCS Buctouche - Canada operated quite a number of Flower Class Corvettes during World War Two. Ryan Cameron built the Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale Flower Class Corvette (Long Foc'sle) as HMCS Buctouche as his grandfather was a member of the crew during the war.
Le Terrible, French Destroyer - This is a 1:700 scale model of the French Super-Destroyer, Le Terrible. Michal Lason scratch-built this model with an interesting bill of materials, including the hair of his wife. 
     New Models from Regia Marina - Regia Marina will introduce three new models at the Hobby Model Expo in Milan, Italy in March 2003. The kits are of World War Two Italian destroyers of the Navigatori Class, available in two different series, and the Folgore/Freccia Class. A modern subject, the Comandante Cigala Fulgosi will also be released. 
   Haruzuki, Japanese Destroyer 1945 - The Aoshima 1:700 scale kit of Haruzuki, an Akizuki Class destroyer as fitted in 1945, is built by Rick Schiller
USS Peterson DD-969 #2 #3 #4 #5 Frank Day took a 3rd place at a IMPS show in Las Vegas in late Nov, 02. He used the WSN model in 1:350th scale and added GMM Photo-etch to the kit.
USS Fanning FF-1076, Gary Brown, a former member of the crew of USS Fanning, used the Iron Shipwright USS Ainsworth FF-1090 kit in 1:350 scale to model his former home. 
K56, Flower Class Corvette - This Matchbox 1:72nd scale kit of a Flower Class corvette was a multi-year project for Louis Elskamp of the Netherlands but the final result is spectacular. 
HMS Kashmir - Jim Baumann's build of the 1:700 scale HMS Kashmir from White Ensign Models
USS Comte De Grasse, DD-974 - This scratch-built model of the USS Comte De Grasse was built by Charles Matthews in 1:192nd scale.
Sovremenny - Lim Kian Seng of Singapore has built the Trumpeter 1:200 scale Sovremenny. It is a beautiful build of this impressive kit. 
Russian Destroyers Novik of WWI and Tashkent of WWII - Photographs of the Novik, super-destroyer of the Russian Baltic Fleet in World War One, and Tashkent, Soviet Destroyer Leader of World War Two, both by Combrig in 1:700 scale. Photographs from Combrig.
USS Knox, FF 1073 - The AFV 1:700 scale model of USS Knox is built by Ayala Botto of Lisbon, Portugal. 
USS Fletcher, DD-445 - One of the favorites of modelers, the 1:350 scale USS Fletcher by Tamiya is built by Don Moss with GMM photo-etch detail added. 
Lutjens, German Destroyer - Ayala Botto of Lisbon, Portugal took the 1:700 scale Revell-Germany kit of the destroyer Rommel and converted it to the Lutjens
Heller Kits for the Marine Nationale - Jacques Druel and Sébastien Lausdat build models of Balny, De Grasse, Duquesne, Laffaux, L'Alsacien, and Marceau by modifying Heller kits.. Also includes photographs of the Master for the Béarn.
HMS Bryony - This model a 1:32 scale Flower Class corvette. Scratch-built by Ron Horabin, the project took over three years.
USS Ingersoll, DDG-990- Dragon 1:350 scale- LIM Kian Seng of Singapore has created an extraordinary marriage of model and computer graphics. He used Gold Medal Models photo-etch with the Dragon model and a computer generated background.
USS Spruance, Geoff Cook builds the Dragon 1:350 model of this modern USN Destroyer.
USS O'Bannon, DD-450, The Tamiya 1:350 scale kit was built by Mike Leonard with GMM photo-etch parts.
USS Curtis Wilbur, DDG-54, The Revell-Germany 1:700 scale Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer was built by Patrizio Carlucci.
USS Fletcher, DD-445, The Tamiya 1:350 scale kit was built by Frank Day. Frank's model won third place in the Las Vegas, Nevada, 2002 IPMS show.
Asashio, Japanese Destroyer, The Skywave 1:700 Asashio was Rick Schiller's first build, but not his last.
USS Boone, FFG-28; Kevin Wenker's build of the Blue Water Navy 1:350 Perry Class Frigate.
Minekaze, Japanese Destroyer in 1:700, Tim Reynaga builds the Skywave kit and provides a great tip for replicating canvas covered railings.
Jean Moulin, French Aviso, Type A-69, L'Arsenal, 1:400, #2, #3, built by Felix Bustelo.
Shanghai Liberty Diorama by Ray D. Bean
White Ensign Models 1:350 kits of USS Knox & USS Benjamin Stoddert
1:350 USS Perry, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 built by Peter Van Buren.
1:350 USS Fletcher, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 built by Peter Van Buren.
1:350 USS Decatur, DD-341, 1943, #2, #3, #4 built by Matt Seferian. Kit from Iron Shipwright.
1:720 HMS Mohawk, #2 built by Dave Humphreys of the UK. He used the Revell kit, modified it and added Photo-Etch detail from the White Ensign Models' Tribal fret.
1:350 USN Destroyers Group Photo, #2, #3 built by Michael Larsen
1:350 USS Knox FFG-1052 & USS Benjamin Stoddert DDG-22, #2, #3, White Ensign Model kits, built by Michael Larsen
1:350 USS Kidd DDG-993 & USS John Young DD-973, #2, #3, #4, by Michael Larsen
USS Radford DD-446 & USS Jenkins DDE-447, Radford from Blue Water Navy kit, Jenkins scratchbuilt and converted from Tamiya Fletcher by Michael Larsen
1:350 USS Arleigh Burke DDG-51, #2, #3, #4, Burke Class Destroyer by Michael Larsen of Denmark
1:350 HMS Exeter D89 & HMS Gloucester D96, #2, #3, #4, Type 42 British Destroyers (Exeter- Batch 2)(Gloucester-Batch 3) by Michael Larsen of Denmark
1:350 USS Reuben James FFG-57, #2,Perry Class Frigate by Michael Larsen of Denmark
1:350th USS Barney DLG 6 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 By Rusty White (White Ensign Models) 
1:700th USS Arleigh Burke DD-51 By Peter Van Buren (Skywave/Pit-Road)
1:125th USS The Sullivans DD-537 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 By Frank Hutton (Lindberg)
1:350th USS Spruance DD-963 #2 By Jim Chaconas (DML)
1:350th USS Ward DD-139 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 By Patrick Roach Clasic Warships)
JMSDF Hatsuyuki, DD-124 By Niels Holland (Skywave/Pitroad 1:700)
JMSDF Kongo, DDG-173 By Niels Holland (Skywave/Pitroad, 1:700)
JMSDF Kurama, By Niels Holland (Skywave/Pitroad, 1:700)
1:96th USS Ulvert M Moore #2 #3 #4 By Alan H. Guard (BaD Shipmodels)
Russian Type 7 Destroyer Gremyashchy #2 #3 #4 By Alan McGivern (Trumpeter)
1:200th USS Dennis J. Buckley DD-805 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 By Alan McGivern (Scratchbuilt)
1:192nd USS LaVallete DD-448 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 By Alan McGivern (Bluejacket Shipcrafters)
1:350th USS Pharris FF-1094 #2 #3 #4 By Mike Connors (Iron Shipwright)
1:350th USS Boone FF-28 #2 #3 #4 By Mike Connors (Blue Water Navy)
1:350th USS John Hancock DD-981 #2 #3 #4 By Mike Connors (DML)
1:700 Sovremenny class destroyer, #2, #3 by Bob O'Connor (DML)
1:350th USS Johnston 1944 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12 by John Sheridan (Blue Water Navy)
1:350 USS Farenholt 1942 by Devin Poore (Blue Water Navy)
1:125 USS Melvin DD-680 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 By Noel Carpio  (Lindburgh)
1:350 USS Ainsworth (Knox Class Frigate), #2, #3, #4 by Dave Judy (Iron Shipwright)
1:350 USS Bainbridge (DD-1)  by Mike Leonard (Gulfstream)
1:240 USS John Paul Jones DD-230, #2, #3 by Mike Leonard (Revell)
1/700 USS Amesbury DE-APD by Rob Weilacher (Naval Works)
1/700 Sims Class DD by Rob Weilacher (Bureau of Small Warships)
1/700 Butler Class DE by Rob Weilacher (Skywave)
1:350 Samuel B. Roberts (Perry Class) extended coverage by Rusty White (BWN)
1/240 USS Cole DD-155, #2, #3 (Neutrality Patrol, 1940) by Jim Moses (Revell)
1/96 U.S.Torpedo Boat WINSLOW (TB-5) about 1900 by Bob Santos (Scratchbuilt)
1/192 USS Wainwright (DD 419) by Alberto Rada (Classic Warships, extended photo coverage)
1/192 USS Kidd (DD 661) by Bob Steinbrunn (extended photo coverage)
1:350 Fletcher Class Destroyer, #2, #3, #4 by Evert-Jan Foeth (Tamiya)
1:350 Fletcher Class Destroyer, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8 by Rusty White (Tamiya)
1:700 USS Monssen (1942), #2 by Tim Dike (Kobo Hiryu)
1:700 USS Joseph P. Kennedy FRAM DD 850 by Mike Leonard (conversion using Albatross kit)
1:700 USS Reuben James FFG 57 by Mike Leonard (Skywave)
1:125 USS Kidd Fletcher Class DD, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10 by Steven Brejnak (Lindburgh)
1:600 USS Edsall DD-219, #2 by Mike Leonard (Airfix)
1/250 USS King DDG-41, #2, #3, #4 (Coontz Class  c.1984) by Mike Leonard (Ship Model Shop kit)
1/350 Fletcher Class DD by Kelly Quirk (Tamiya)
1/350 IJN Kagero, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 by John Sheridan (Blue Water Navy)
1/700 Adams Class DD USS Barney by Mike Leonard (Gulfstream)
1/350 DD 94 USS Taylor by Mike Taylor (Gulfstream)
1/700 USS Porter in late 30s fit by Michael Leonard (Kobo Hiryu)
1/700 IJN Destroyer, #2, #3, #4 Akizuki by David Fraser (Fujimi)
1/350 HMCS Sackville 1941 Flower Class Corvette by Mike O'Connor (Iron Shipwright)
1/350 German Destroyer Z37, #2 by Mike O'Connor (Iron Shipwright)
1/700 Adams Class Destroyer by Mike Taylor (Skywave)
1/200 IJN DD Terizuki, #2, #3 by Alan McGivern (Nichimo)
1/200 IJN Yukikaze, #2, #3 by Alan McGivern (Nichimo)
1/192 USS Mustin, #2, #3 by Alan McGivern (Classic Warships)
1/200 USS Patterson, #2, #3 by Alan McGivern (Scratchbuilt)
1/350 Hunt Class HMS Zetland, #2, #3, #4, #5 by Glenn Arnold (Iron Shipwright)
1/350 Hunt Class HMS Middelton, #2, #3 by Jeff Herne (Iron Shipwright)
1/350 IJN destroyer Kagero by Bob LaPadura (BWN) 
1/350 Cannon Class USS Thomas DE-132 by Phil Kirchmeier (Iron Shipwright)
1/350 Evarts Class USS Cabana  DE-260 by Michael Taylor (Iron Shipwright)
1/96 HMS Cossack (1938), #2, #3, #4 by Alan McGivern (Dean's Marine)
1/200 HMS Jackal (1939), #2 by Alan McGivern (Scratchbuilt)
1/200 USS Sims (1942), #2 by Alan McGivern (Scratchbuilt)
1/350 Buckley Class DE 221, #2  by Dave Judy (Iron Shipwright) 
1/700 Corvette HMS Bluebell, #2, #3, #4, #5 by Ian Ruscoe (White Ensign Models) 
1/150 Nanutchka Russian Missile Corvette, #2,   #3 by Dave Judy (Poseidon)  
1/350 Perry Class Frigate USS Ford , #2, #3 by Greg Lee (Gulfstream) 
1/350 USS Winston Churchill DDG 81, #2, #3, #4, #5 , #6, #7 by Alberto Rada (BWN)  
1/700 IJN Destroyer Mutsuki by Jim Gordon (Hasegawa) 
1/700 Knox Class Frigate, #2, #3, by Rob Mackie  (AFV Club) 
1/350 USS Ward   Alberto Rada's beautiful Gulfstream 4-stacker
1/700 IJN Destroyer Amatsukaze by Jim Gordon  (Aoshima)
1/700 IJN Destroyer Shikanami, #2, #3 by Harry Ohanian  (Skywave)
1/350 USS Ward   4 stack destroyer by Fred Heil  (Gulfstream)
1/350 HMS Vega, #2, by Alberto Rada (Armada Scale)  
1/700 Destroyer Escort USS Riddle by Jim Gordon 
1/350 Fletcher Class Destroyer, #2, #3, #4 by Harry Ohanian  (Tamiya) 
Revell PT 117, #2  by Dave Judy (from Revell PT 109 kit) 
1/350 Flower Class Corvette early war short forecastle version by Fred Heil (Iron Shipwright)
1/700 IJN Destroyer Escort Tachibana, #2, #3, #4   by David Fraser  (Fujimi) 
1/700 IJN DD Amatsukaze, #2 by Rob Mackie using Skywave kit 
1/125 Fletcher Class Destroyer   by Jeff Herne using Lindbergh kit 
1/350 USS Bainbridge DD1, #2, #3 by Alberto Rada   (Gulfstream)