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Transports, Merchant Ships, & Auxiliaries
SS Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship, Trumpeter Ship 1:350 Scale, Built by Dave Wick - This is the SS Jeremiah O'Brien, a Liberty Ship, produced in 1/350th Scale by Trumpeter and built by Dave Wick. It is built with Gold Medal Models and Eduard Brass accessories, in addition to Tom's Model Works 1/350th scale armor.  
USS El Paso LKA-117, Amphibious Cargo Transport, Ships & Co. 1:700 Scale, Photographs from Maurizio Chiaro - Here is another master pattern of a new product of Ships & Co. still a US Navy subject, the USS El Paso LKA-117, one of the  Charleston Class amphibious cargo ships.  The model is in 1/700  scale
USS Wichita AOR-1, Ships & Co. 1:700 Scale, Photographs from Maurizio Chiaro - Ships & Co. is pleased to announce that the master of the USS Wichita AOR-1 in 1:700 scale is finished. It will be soon sent to the resin  maker to produce the kits. The kit is supplied with cast resin parts and with standard decals, but NO photo-etch inside. 
SS Catahoula, Molasses Tanker 1920-1942, Battlefleet Models 1:700 Scale, Built by Lamar Jones - This is the SS Catahoula, Molasses Tanker operated by the Cuba Distilling Company and built by Lamar Jones. The model is a modified Hog Islander from the Battlefleet Models line, in 1/700 scale. The modifications include down rigged booms, cut down bulwarks, plated over hatches and addition of other tank hatches, and a cat walk from the mid-ship house to the stern. 
USS Whidbey Island LSD-41, Ships & Co. 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro - Here is a new kit from Ships & Co., the USS Whidbey Island LSD-41 in 1:700 scale. Maurizio Chiaro received it from the owners to express my opinion and for assembly. The box comes with a new image with a color that is close to blue, with the brand new label that  incorporates the Ships & Co. logo attached to the Model Victoria logo. 
RV Meteor, Revell 1:300 Scale, Built by Georgios Lefkakis - Here are some photographs of RV Meteor by Revell AG at 1/300 scale and built by Georgios Lefkakis. "Features and modifications include", ice and snow on the sides and deck, rust and oil spills on decks and cranes,  rear drag sonar, spare prop on the front deck, steel cables and shackles, humpback whales, tender to shore boats.
LCT-610 Royal Navy June 6, 1944, Heller 1:400 Scale, Built by Peter Randall - This is the old 1:400 scale Heller LCT kit, given to Peter Randall by an IPMS Auckland member, and built as the Royal Navy LCT-610, as of June 6, 1944. The idea was just a quick build with minimal extra detailing, minimal being a loose term. 
USCGC Firebush WLB-393, Coast Guard Buoy Tender, Scratch-Built in 1:48 Scale by Robert Rodriguez - This build  by Robert Rodriguez is a fully scratch-built 1/48 scale model of the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Firebush  (WLB-393). The Firebush was a 180 foot ocean going buoy tender commissioned in July of 1944 and decommissioned in 2003 .
Sun Princess, Princess Cruise Liner, Scratch-Built in 1:200 Scale by Song Jung Gun - Song Jung Gun completed a model of the Princess Cruise Liner, Sun Princess. It is scratch-built in 1:200 scale, mainly from Ginko wood. 
USS Chanticleer ASR-7, Submarine Rescue Vessel, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - This is the USS Chanticleer ASR-7, one of the newer 1:350 scale kits from Iron Shipwrights that was released without any fanfare, which is a shame because it is a really good kit.   Like all Iron Shipwrights kits in 1:350 scale, they build into a great model out of the box and you can add extra details. Felix Bustelo built this model. 
Jeremiah O'Brien, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale, Built by Werner De keersmaecker - The model is the build by Werner De keersmaeker of the Trumpeter Jeremiah O' Brien in 1/350 scale. Gold Medal Models photo-etch was added.
Atlantic Conveyor, Cunard RoRo Container Ship/RN Auxiliary Carrier, NNT 1:700 Scale, Built by Norert Thiel - Here are some pictures of the latest NNT 1:700 scale model, the famous Atlantic Conveyor sunk at the Falkland Islands. Built by Norbert Thiel
Admirable Class Minesweeper, Lindberg 1:125 Scale, Built by Joe Brannin - This is the Lindberg Minesweeper in 1/125 scale.  It is a good basic reproduction of an Admirable class minesweeper.  I sanded off all of the cast plated lines and used aftermarket parts. 
Hermann Marwede, German Rescue Vessel, Revell 1:72 Scale, Built by Christian Groth - Here are pictures of the Revell kit in 1:72 scale of the German rescue vessel "Hermann Marwede" operating around Heligoland, German Bight. The ship is build out of the box by Christian Groth with some parts scratch-built like the handrails, the helicopter-deck, the props and so on. 
HMS LCI(L)-125, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Felix Bustelo - This is Felix Bustelo's build of the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale HMS LCI(L)-125 kit, which is a short bridge British-design LCI.  HMS LCI(L)-125 was manned by a Royal Canadian Navy crew with LT. Charles R. Parker RCNVR in command  at the Invasion of Normandy.  
Canberra P&O Liner, Airfix, 1:600 Scale, Built by Katseas Kostas - The Airfix 1:600 scale kit of Canberra is a bit of a dog but Katseas Kostas really likes the ship so he had to endure the pain and agony of cutting and reshaping until he got everything to fit together. Katseas put it on a simple base to finish it off.  
USS New York LPD-21, 1:700 Scale, Built by Maurizio Chiaro -  The kit is a resin version of the metal TTH in 1:700 scale. Maurizio Chiaro removed all the metal kit details, and added new resin and plastic details. 
USS Arapaho AT-68, Battlefleet Models 1:700 Scale, Built by David Bílek - The “ ATF Fleet Ocean Tug” kit made by Battlefleet is exactly what David Bílek likes – clean, sharp and well executed resin kit, ready for detailing. David built the kit as the USS Arapaho AT-68.
HMS Abdiel, Fast Minelayer, White Ensign Models 1:350 Scale, Built by Phil Reeder - This is Phil Reeder's build of the White Ensign Model's 1;350 scale kit of the cruiser/minelayer Abdiel. The kit was well up to WEM's usual high standard, everything went together perfectly. 
Fire Fighting Boat, Revell 1:72 Sclae, Built by Guilherme Santos - This is the Firefighter boat in 1/72 scale from Revell, built by Guilherme Santos. He used acrylic paints and enamel too. 
YMS-6 Yard Minesweeper, Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Gordon King - The YMS (yard mine sweeper) is the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale model from Iron Shipwrights in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and built by Gordon King
Toho Maru, Japanese Oiler, Fujimi 1:700 Scale, Built by Bob Cicconi - Here are a few shots of the Fujimi 1/700 scale Toho Maru that Bob Cicconi just finished. It's right out of the box with the exception of some extra railings, the rigging, and the flag. 
USS Cimmaron, JAG 1:700 Scale, Built by Koufopoulos Nektarios - This is the build of JAG's USS Cimmaron by Koufopoulos Nektarios. Although it starts as an easily buildable model, on the way it becomes more difficult due to the level of detail incorporated in this kit. 
USS Kiska AE-35, Kilauea Class, Ships & Co. 1:700 Scale, Built by Koufopoulos Nektarios - The Ships & Co. Kilauea class 1:700 scale kit is very good overall. It has few parts so assembly is quick and easy. Koufopoulos Nektarios built the kit as USS Kiska AE-35. 
Grille, German State Yacht & Aviso, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Peter Fulgoney - The Aviso Grille was the state yacht of Germany before WW2, and was to play another part after the conflict. As it happened, the ship became a mine layer, and was sold after the war as a cruise liner. This is the Combrig 1:700 scale kit of Grille built by Peter Fulgoney
Chiyoda, Japanese Seaplane Carrier, Aoshima 1:700 Scale, Built by Grzegorz Nowak - This is the kit from Aoshima in 1:700 scale of the Japanese seaplane carrier "CHIYODA" in the early 1942 configuration. Built by Grzegorz Nowak, additional parts include photo-etch from Tom's Modelworks
USS Lloyd ADP-63, Niko Model 1:700 Scale, Built by David Bilek -  The ADP-63 USS Lloyd fast attack transport was built from the NIKO Model kit APD Liddle in 1/700 scale. David Bilek used Gold Medal Models railings and Oerlikons, Lion Roar 40mm Bofors AA guns, Eduard figures, Fine Molds searchlights, Tom's Modelwork flotation net baskets and many more.  
RMS Lusitania, 1:350 Scale, Built by Nick Dragone - These are several pictures of a 1/350 scale RMS Lusitania that Nick Dragone just finished. Gold Medal Models photo-etch was used on the kit. 
LCM(3), Trumpeter 1:35 Scale, Built by Charles Reynolds - This model is a U.S. Navy LCM (3) landing craft of WWII. The kit was a Trumpeter injection-molded kit of 1:35 scale and built by Charles Reynolds.
USS Mount Whitney, Trumpeter 1:700 Scale, Built by John Griesbacker - This is the build of the Trumpeter 1/700 scale USS Mount Whitney LCC-20 by John Griesbacker. He finished this kit using photo-etch railings from Gold Medal Models' 1/700 Tarawa/Saipan set
LST, Lindberg 1:250 Scale, Built by Glen Hill - Glen Hill tackles the ancient mariner in the form of the venerable LST kit from Lindberg in 1:250 scale. Glen thinks the kit was very fun to build and in part liked the kit "because the plastic that this model is made of is almost as thick as the steel used to make the real thing!
Mimosa, MSC-60 Coastal Minesweeper, L'Arsenal 1:400 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - This is the L'Arsenal 1/400 scale kit of a MSC 60 class coastal minesweeper. These were USN vessels and many were transferred to France and other countries after WW2. Felix Bustelo built this model as the Mimosa and it is built basically out of the box. 
HMS Fearless, Airfix 1:600 Scale, Built by Chee Wee Sim - This is the newly built Airfix 1/600 scale HMS Fearless. Chee Wee Sim used White Ensign Models photo-etch parts, Skywave parts for the seacat missile, Phalanx CIWS and scratch built parts to enhance this model. 
Hawaiian Pilot, Revell, Built by Pete Canter - Here's a version of Revell's Hawaiian Pilot built by Pete Canter. Basically it is built straight from the box. He cut away all molded railings and installed Gold Medal Models photo-etch railings, painted upper decks Humbrol dark green, and used Revell beige for masts and booms. 
USCGC Cedar, Buoy Tender, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale, Built by Felix Bustelo - These are some photos a build of the Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1/350 scale kit of the USCGC Cedar WAGL-207. Felix Bustelo built the kit to represent the ship in her peacetime role of buoy tender. 
HMS London, Minelayer Ex-Battleship 1918, Combrig 1:700 Scale, Built by Rob Kernaghan - In 1917 the battleship London was ordered back to the UK from the Mediterranean for conversion into a minelayer. She joined the 1st Minelaying Squadron in January 1918. Rob Kernaghan converted the Combrig 1:700 scale model of HMS Queen to portray the London as a minelayer. 
Liberty Ship, L'Arsenal 1:350 Scale - These photographs show the 1:350 scale Liberty Ship produced by L’Arsenal. Luciano Rizzato of the Modellistica Monfalconese Club built the model. Luciano also added other items from L’Arsenal: Balsa Rafts AC350-30; LCVP AC350-03; Naval Figures AC350-25; and Combat Figures AC350-33. Also, items from the Gold Medal Models Liberty Ship 1:350 scale photo-etch set were used. 
HMCS Lockeport, Bangor Class Minesweeper, 1:72 Scale - These are photos of a 1:72 scale model of HMCS Lockeport, a Bangor Class Minesweeper of World War Two. The model was scratch-built by Bev Clark, except for the screws. 
HMCS Stratford, Bangor Class Minelayer, 1:192 Scale - These are photographs of the model of the HMCS Stratford. The model is entirely scratch-built in 1:192 scale by Charles Matthews.  The hull is a resin copy of his master, which was made from balsa wood and covered with sheet plastic plating.  Everything else is made from bits of plastic, brass and resin.  The pilot house is entirely open . The railing and stairways are from Gold Medal Models Photo-Etch in 1:192 scale. 
Royal Navy LCI-252, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 Scale - This is the Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale LCI. Ryan Cameron converted it into a RN/RCN version by chopping down the wheelhouse and rebuilt all deck details from photos.
USS Cimarron AO-177, 1:350 Scale - From the Land of Oz comes John Sykes with his USS Cimarron AO-177. Here are some photos of John's 1:350 scale USS Cimarron (AO177) oiler that he built last year. It is completely scratch-built other than the Phalanx guns and some of the boat gear. 
USS Tortuga LSD-26, Lindberg, Box-Scale - Ah, Lindberg, a name that evokes memories of the past. However, Lindberg is still kicking and here is one model by the company that builds into a surprisingly nice reproduction. Or at least that is how it looks from this build of USS Tortuga LSD-26 from Lindberg built by Kevin Mickna
NS Savannah, Nuclear Powered Freighter, Glencoe 1:350 Scale - Dave Judy  used mainly the hull, deck, and major superstructure parts, lifeboats, propeller of the 1:350 scale Glencoe model of the NS Savannah and he scratch-built the rest. There were times when he thought...."Why am I doing this?" But Dave thinks that with a little patience and some extra work... seasoned with a pinch of masochism, even the older kits can be made presentable! 
SS Jeremiah O’Brien, Liberty Ship, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale Alfred of the Nuernberg Ship’s Modellers-Club has built the SS Jeremiah O’Brien Liberty Ship produced by Trumpeter in 1:350 scale. The build is mostly right from the bow but with the addition of some ladders from Gold Medal Models.
Kazahaya, Japanese Oiler, 1:700 Scale - Frank Halbe of Germany scratch-built this model of the Japanese oiler Kazahaya in 1:700 scale. 
Hayasui, Imperial Japanese Modified Oiler, 1:700 Scale - During World War Two the Imperial Japanese Navy had a penchant for adding aircraft to anything that floated. Battleships and a heavy cruiser were converted to hybrid carriers and even a series of submarines were designed to carry aircraft. Frank Halbe from Germany decided that these were not exotic enough for him, so he scratch-built something even odder. This is Frank's 1:700 scale scratch-built seaplane carrying oiler, the Hayasui
Heian Maru, Japanese Submarine Tender, Hasegawa 1:700 Scale - This is the Heian Maru, Japanese Submarine Tender, produced in 1:700 scale by Hasegawa. The kit was built and photographed by Chee Wee, Sim
LCM-3, Landing Craft Mechanized, Trumpeter 1:350 Scale - This is the 1:35 scale LCM-3 (Landing Craft Mechanized) produced by Trumpeter. The kit is shown right out of the box and was built by Tom Dunbar
HMS Fearless, Airfix 1:600 Scale - Ayala Botto of Lisbon, Portugal specializes in building modern ships in a number of different scale, including scratch-built subjects. Here are photographs of the 1:600 scale kit of HMS Fearless produced by Airfix built by Ayala. 
SMS Santa Elena, World War One German Seaplane Tender 1:700 Scale - This model is the SMS Santa Elena, the largest of the German seaplane tenders of World War One. There was no commercially produced model of this kit available so Dariusz Mazurowski of Gdansk, Poland scratch-built on in 1:700 scale.
Kars, Imperial Russian Gunboat, Combrig 1:700 Scale - Zachary Pease has built the Queen of the Caspian, the largest warship on the Caspian Sea in World War One. Here are some pictures of his build of the Combrig 1:700 scale Imperial Russian Gunboat Kars
Elco 77-Foot PT Boat, GMS 1:350 Scale - GMS Modeling is a new model company from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. They almost have ready a kit of the USN 77-Foot Elco PT boat in 1:350 scale. These are photographs of the model. They are interested to inform modelers about their product. They are working with second kit, a German PT boat (S-Boat) in the same scale. 
Kriegsfischkutter (KFK) 1:72 Scale - Here are some photos of a scratch-built Kriegsfischkutter (KFK) in 1:72 scale, built by Doug Bauer. The KFKs were North Sea fishing boats commandeered by the Kriegsmarine and converted to armed convoy escorts, ASW craft, harbor protection and other duties. This particular vessel carries a 3.7cm AA gun forward, and a 2.0cm FlakVierling aft, plus six depth charges and minesweeping paravanes. 
USS Patriot MCM-7, Mine Countermeasures Ship. 1:200 Scale - This is another work of art from Albert Yue of Hong Kong. This is the USS Patriot MCM-7, mine countermeasures ship. It has been completely scratch-built by Albert in 1:200 scale. Take your time with the photographs in order to absorb all of the intricate detail built into the model. 
USS Katahdin, Armored Steam Ram 1898, Commanders/Iron Shipwright 1:700 Scale, #2, #3 - USS Katahdin was one of the odd dead ends explored by the early American Steel Navy. Lightly armed but heavily armored, the mission of Katahdin was to sink enemy ships through ramming. Jim Strauss built the 1:700 scale model of the steam ram from Commanders/Ironshipwright
USS Metawee AOG 1944, Loose Cannon 1:700 Scale, #2, #3 - The USS Metawee is one of the many small oilers that provided fuel to most of the naval bases of the USN in World War Two. This small oiler has been produced in 1:700 scale by Loose Cannon Productions. Jim Strauss built this copy of the Metawee. 
U.S.S. Mattaponi AO-41, T2 Oiler, 1:96 Scale - Brian Francis provided the text and photographs of this model of  U.S.S. Mattaponi AO-41. This model of a World War Two T2 oiler was scratch-built in 1:96 scale for a reunion of her crew by Mike Wood. At 65-inches in length, this U.S.S. Mattaponi AO-41 is clearly a museum class effort. 
USS Detroit AOE-4, 1:700 scale from JAG - This is the USS Detroit AOE-4 in 1:700 scale. Maurizio Chiaro built the Detroit from the JAG model of USS Sacramento
Le Suroit, French Oceanographic Research Vessel - This model of Le Suroit is produced by Heller in 1:200 scale and was built by Doug Hallet. Le Suroit is an oceanographic research ship with deep sea sonar, operated by the French Ifremer Company. Doug is noted for his enthusiasm for submarines and even when he builds a civilian ship, he can't break himself free from the underwater environment. 
ATR-47 US Navy Auxiliary Fleet Tug /Ocean Rescue Tug (ATA/ATR) and the Edmund H. Moran II - This could be subtitled "A Tale of Two Tugs" but in reality it is only one. Commanders/Iron Shipwright has produced a 1:350 scale model of the 143 foot Auxiliary Fleet Tug ATA/Ocean Rescue Tug ATR and Felix Bustelo decided to build the same tug as she appeared in World War Two as ATR-47 and after the war, when in civilian service she was known as the Edmund H. Moran II.
"Firefighter" of the New York Fire Department - The 1:72 scale model of a fire boat, manufactured by Revell has been around for some time. Even though Mark Leonard built this model twenty years ago, it still looks fresh. 
MN Victoria, Italian Passenger Liner - Before World War Two the Italian Motor Ship Victoria made passenger runs in the Mediterranean and to the orient. As one of the first ships with air-conditioning and with a level of luxury surpassing her prime competitors of the British P & O Line, she was the transport of choice for many travelers voyaging to China. During the war she became a troop transport for the Regia Marina. Giampiero Galeotti built his own Regia Marina 1:700 scale model of MN Victoria to portray her as one of the premier liners voyaging to Singapore and Shanghai. 
Zhong Shan, Nationalist Chinese Gunboat - When most modelers build their first ship, the subject is normally very well known. The first ship model for C.P.Tan wasn't the Bismarck, Hood, Missouri or Yamato. His choice was the Zhong Shan, Nationalist Chinese Gunboat 1910-1938 in 1:180 scale from ZhengDeFu. He replaced many of the parts with his own versions, which he scratch-built. 
Landing Ship Medium, LSM-138 - David Judy, the Marvel of Maryland, has built this model of LSM-138, Landing Ship Medium. The model is in 1:192 scale from Iron Shipwright and Dave worked it up in an unusual and very attractive three color green camouflage. 
M.V. Galaxy, Celebrity Cruise Lines - This is a 1:300 scale model of the M.V. Galaxy, a cruise ship of Celebrity Cruise Lines. The model is completely scratch-built by Dimitrios Chandris, using plans that he received from the cruise line. 
This intricately detailed 1:96th scale model of an 1870's trans-Pacific passenger steamer resides at the San Francisco Maritime Museum. The Pacific Mail Steamship Company owned and operated a number of such ships, including the City of Tokyo , City of Peking , and City of Sydney
The  1:48th scale Preussen, an early 20th century steel-hulled square rigger, is on display at the San Francisco Maritime Museum. The model is noteworthy for its extensive detail and dramatic underway presentation. 
RAF Rescue Launch - The Airfix 1:72 scale kit of an RAF Rescue Launch builds into an impressive model. Here is the build by Ryan Cameron.
British Motor Torpedo Boat - Jim Baumann built this Airfix 1:72nd scale kit of the British MTB back in 1994 but it sure looks fresh today. 
USS Cassiopeia, AK-75 - The Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale kit of the Liberty Ship was used as the basis for the USS Cassiopeia AK-75 Attack Transport by Bob Harris.
USS Portland, LSD-53 - Using a hull from Tamiya, a bow from Arii, and plenty of Evergreen plastic card, Bert Legaspi scratch-built in 1:700 scale, the USS Portland, modified Whidbey Island Class LSD.
RMS Queen Elizabeth - Another classic Airfix kit in 1:600 scale, is the RMS Queen Elizabeth. The largest passenger liner of her day, this is another model built by Jim Baumann
USS Haskell, APA-117 - The Victory Ship was invaluable in the allied war effort in World War Two. One variant was the APA. Loose Cannon has a 1:700 kit of the USS Haskell APA-117, which has been built by Dave Judy
USS Katahdin, Armored Ram - Bradford Chaucer built the Iron Shipwright 1:350 scale model of USS Katahdin, USN armored steam ram from 1893. He made a substantial number of additions such as awnings and their supports, so now the Katahdin is ready to cruise to the Caribbean to do her bit in the Spanish-American War.
Osa II, Russian Missile Boat - The Czech Republic company of Poseidon produced a 1:150 scale model of the Russian Osa II Missile Boat. Patrizio Carlucci looks at this kit. 
Shell Welder - Jim Baumann has built this merchant produced by Modelcraft (Ex-Frog). 
E-Boat, Airfix 1:72 Scale - During World War Two the British called the German Schnellboote, the E-Boat, which is the name that Airfix used when they released this 1:72nd kit. Douglas Fritz built this old Airfix warhorse with his own modifications and used WEM Colourcoat paints. 
Novgorod - This time Jim Baumann does his take on the famous Novgorod, Russian circular floating battery. The model is the Modelkrak 1:700 scale resin kit of Novgorod.
LCT Mark IV & LCT LSU - Two 1:400 scale LCTs from Heller are built by Peter Van Buren.
Costa Elena, Cruise-Ship - The 1:700 scale Arii Sunflower was the basis for the conversion into the cruise-ship, Costa Elena by Yannis Carystinos
SS France - The sleek modern line r France (now Norway) is the subject of the Airfix 1:600 scale kit built be Jim Baumann
SS Canberra - The Airfix 1:600 scale SS Canberra built by Jim Baumann, who again shows what can be done with classic Airfix kits. 
HMS Grenadier 1942, Military Class Trawler - This summer an article on this 1:72nd scale model by Louis Elskamp of the Netherlands was mislabeled as an Admiralty Class Armed Trawler. It is a Military Class Trawler. Except for the title photo, all new photos and commentary are included in this article from Mr. Elskamp. 
Novgorod - The Novgorod is another Admiral Popov designed, circular ship. Sometimes called a Coast Defense Ship. and sometimes a Floating Battery. Vladimir Yakubov combined the Samek and Modelkrak kits with more than a pinch in scratch-building in this 1:700 scale build. 
SS Oriana - Jim Baumann built the Revell kit of SS Oriana. Jim tells a little about the build as well as providing investment tips.
Korieits, Imperial Russian Gunboat - Biography of the warship that fired the first shot of the Russo-Japanese War. The Combrig 1:700 scale kit of the ship is shown.
USS Panay, Yantze River Gunboat - This build of the Iron Shipwright 1:192 scale kit by Jim Baumann won the gold at the 2001 UK IPMS Nationals.
Amur, Imperial Russian Mine Layer - Responsible for most successful mine laying operation in naval history, this mine layer of the Russo-Japanese War has been modeled in 1:700 Scale by Modelkrak of Poland. Renowned British modeler, Jim Baumann, has brought incredible detail to this kit.
Admiralty Armed Trawler- This 1:72 Scale model is scratch-built by Louis Elskamp of Holland.
   Marigold, US Lighthouse Tender- Albert Blevins scratch-built this 3/16th inch = one foot model of the Marigold. She served as a lighthouse tender from 1890 until 1945.
PT-109, 1:64 Scale, Lindberg, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, Bill Wood's build of the large size Lindberg version of JFK's famous command.
SS Linden, 1:350, 149' Army LT Tug, #2, #3, #4, Felix Bustelo completed the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale US Army 149 foot LT Tug as the Pennsylvania Railroad tugboat Linden. After World War II, several of these tugs were acquired by the railroad. The Linden (ex-LT 785) was based in New York Harbor, serving the PRR's facilities in that area. Felix cut the full hull kit to a waterline to make a harbor-scape. Thanks to Bob Santos for providing a set of decals to complete this model.
USS Hoga, 1:350 Iron Shipwright, #2, #3, #4, Felix Bustelo completed this pre-release sample of the Iron Shipwrights 1/350 scale kit of this US Navy yard tug wearing a Measure 1 paint scheme, which is how the USS Hoga appeared on December 7, 1941. The crew is from a Gold Medal Models set, the white lettering is from a Microscale alphanumeric decal set and the tow lines are coiled sewing thread.
HMS Bronnington, Minehunter, 1976 Felix Bustelo builds the White Ensign Models 1:350 Ton Class Minehunter, that was commanded by HRH, Charles, Prince of Wales.

PT-560, 1:72 Scale Stephen Allen of Canberra, Australia converted the Revell kit to depict PT-560, as she served in the Mediterranean. Stephen made extensive additions to the stock kit, as shown in the photographs and described in the text. Extended coverage.
1:72 PT-109, #2 Mark Leonard made a number of modifications to this well known Revell kit: Removal of "planked" effect on decking;  Addition of Hasegawa's 1/72 towed 37mm anti-tank gun;    Replacement of kit .50 cal dual MG's with aftermarket MG's from Aires;  Cutouts of forward deckhouse ports and addition of port covers;     Scratch-built oars for life-raft, which was moved to after deckhouse;     Removal of molded-on horn and replaced with scratch-built one;    Addition of scratch-built Danforth-style anchor;
Addition of scratch-built depth charges.
1:700th Edmund Fitzgerald By Peter Van Buren (Commanders Models / Iron Shipwright)
1:700 USS Newport LST-1179 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 By Peter Van Buren (Modelwerks)
1:700 JMSDF Shimokita LST, #2, #3, #4, #5, by Peter Van Buren (Tamiya)
1:350 USS Patoka AO-9 (1943), #2, #3, #4 Scratchbuilt by Keith Bender
1:700 Manjur (Russian Gunboat, 1914), #2, #3, #4 by Vladimir Yakubov (Modelkrak)
1:700 Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien (Skywave) by John Richards
1/192 USS Oahu River Gunboat extended photo coverage by Fred Heil (Iron Shipwright)
1:350 SS Brooklyn (single screw steam tug), #2, #3 by Felix Bustelo (Iron Shipwright)
1/144 Kriegsmarine Schnellboot, #2 by Steve Brejnak (Revell Germany)
1:359 USS Great Sitkin AE-17#2, #3 by Dave Judy (from Revell USS Burleigh)
1:160 Elco PT Boat w/N scale figures by Mike Leonard (Hawk)
1:285 Monitor (as converted from LCM for Vietnam riverine patrols) by Mike Leonard (GHQ)
1:350 LST 458, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6(vehicles) by Dave Judy (Iron Shipwright)
1/700 Sub Tender (Loose Cannon) with 1/700 Gato Class Sub by Mike Taylor
1/192 USS Panay River Gunboat, #2, #3, #4 by Bob Santos (Iron Shipwright)
1/350 SS Brooklyn Steam Tug by Bob Santos (Iron Shipwright)
1/125 LCI (Landing Craft Infantry) by Michael Leonard (Lindberg)
1/350 Liberty Ship, #2 by Mike O'Connor (Iron Shipwright)
1/96 T2 Tanker on display at Smithsonian Museum of American History
1/48 Scale US Navy Swiftboat by Mike Taylor (Monogram) 
1/600 Tramp Steamer Gretavale  scratch built by Ian Wilkins 

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