Monografie Morskie #6

Reviewed by Scott Spencer

Title:Monografie Morskie #6: Hood
Publisher:A.J. Press, 1997
Cost: About $17.50 USD
Available from: White Ensign Models, Pacific Front Hobbies
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This new book in the Monografie Morskie series is one of the finest references on the HMS Hood. If you have seen the Anantomy of the Ship book on HMS Hood, this is similar except that it is in Polish. The book has a total of 65 pages and many photos throughout Hood’s life.

Perhaps the greatest surprise came when I opened the package and found there was a full color rendition of Hood as she appeared in May 1941 (AP507B Medium Gray). This large sheet measures 11 inches tall and 23 inches in length. From guessing, it appears it is in about 1/500 scale. I may be totally wrong on the scale. The other great surprise was the profile and plan of Hood in both 1920 and 1941. This large sheet measures 22 inches tall and 32 inches long. The 1920 drawing is in 1/500 scale and the 1941 drawing is in 1/400 scale. These items alone make the book worth the price!! This book has many more photos than the Anatomy book, and even includes detailed drawings of some of the bridge areas. It appears that they have utilized a lot of the same material found in the Anatomy book, but the additional photos and included drawings set this book apart.

My only comment on this book is...Forget buying the Anatomy book for a while. If you can find the Anatomy on the Hood, by all means, buy it. However, in the meantime, get yourself one of these books and smile at the amount of information you get for such a small price (as compared to those rare and expensive Anatomy books). Now, my only complaint is it’s in Polish, which I do not read (grin). Why on earth someone from an English speaking country has not done a book like this (with detail, plans, and color renditions) is beyond me. Especially in light of the fact that we have two brand new 1/350 Hood’s on the market. I harbor no prejudice, it just seems that some of the better books (Profile Morskie, Model Art Specials, Aero Detail, etc) are coming from either Poland, Russia, of Japan. Perhaps this will change  in the future.

In conclusion, I have not seen other books in this new series, but if they are of comparable content and quality, then by all means buy them while you can!