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Fletcher Class Destroyer
USS Kidd   (DD-661)
"The Pirate of the Pacific"
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Louisiana Naval War Memorial
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Photographed by Steve Belanger

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The magnificently restored Fletcher class destroyer USS Kidd resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Constructed at Federal Shipbuilding and Drydock in Kearny, New Jersey and commissioned in 1943, the Kidd went on to an active and eventful career in the Pacific Theatre. It came to an end on 11 April 1945 when a loan Kamikaze struck her, killing 38 men, injuring 55 and inflicting heavy damage. Subsequent repairs at Hunter's Point, San Francisco kept her out of action until war's end.  The Kidd's post-war career lasted until her 1964 decommissioning.  She was transferred to the Louisiana Naval War Commission in 1982.

Kidd high and dry.jpg (11098 bytes)Unique among museum ships, the USS Kidd rests on blocks that fully support - and expose - her hull  when the Mississipi is at low ebb. She is displayed in her authentic August 1945 fit and carries a measure 22  scheme.Unlike the Fletcher class USS Cassin Young on display in Boston (click here for the Cassin Young photo tour) which is displayed in a 1950's fit, Kidd's restorers have gone all out to show Kidd as she appeared in WW II.   Restoring her is an ongoing task, and those of you interested in helping should visit the Louisiana Naval War Memorial web site.  You will find the specifics of Kidd's extensive war service as well as a "wish list" of authentic WW2 era fittings being sought. 

Once again we at Warship wish to extend our thanks to Steve Belanger for the use of his photos. Steve takes special delight in photographing World War II vintage ships, and it shows in the quality of his work.