Profile Morskie #4: H.M.S. Repulse

Title:Profile Morskie #4: H.M.S. Repulse
Publisher:   BS Firma Wydawniczo-Handlowa Wyszkow, 1996
ISBN: 83-902151-5-2
Availability: Currently available from White Ensign Models
Price: About $14.50 USD

This book is similar to the Monografie Morskie series, but has less photo coverage and fewer  pages. There are a total of thirteen photographs in the book and most of them have been published before. The quality and clarity of the photos is average in my opinion. This particular book has a total of 33 pages, all of which are in black and white.

There is a color/camo line drawing for both 1939 and 1941 on one page. You also get drawings of the hit locations received by Repulse when she was sunk (you also get the same drawings for Prince of Wales, as well, in the book). The nicest feature is the center fold-out section which includes, both 1/400 and 1/700 scale, plan and profile drawings of Repulse as fitted in 1941. Pages 14-32 are basically drawings of all decks, masts, turrets, guns, boats, and cranes. I cannot say what date/time period these drawings represent, but they appear to be of items used during her entire career.

If you don’t have the Ensign #8 Renown/Repulse book, then I would suggest you buy a copy of this book. If you have the Ensign book, then I would recommend you buy this as a companion volume. This really is a superb book for the price! As with the Monografie Morskie book on H.M.S. Hood, my only problem with it is that it is entirely in Polish. Perhaps someone will soon offer a translation "addendum" to these books, which are similar to those being currently offered for a couple of the Model Art books.