USS Atlanta
1/96 Scale Model
Smithsonian Museum of US History
Washington, D.C.

Rob Mackie

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The USS Atlanta and her sister ship USS Boston were early US "Steel Navy" era cruisers. They were both steam-powered and brig rigged. The 1/96th model on display at the Smithsonian Museum of US History in Washington, D.C. is gorgeous. I have a weakness for ships of this era and the Atlanta is among the most beautiful representations of a Steel Navy ship that I've yet seen. Unfortunately there is no commercially available model of this distinctive ship. So feast your eyes on these photos, or better yet check her out at the Smithsonian.

USS Atlanta
(launched 1884)
Displacement: 3,189 tons
283 ft long, 42 ft beam
Top speed: 13 knots

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Two 8" open mount guns offset from the center line
Six 6" guns inside the superstructure
Four 3-pounder guns at corners of superstructure

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USS Atlanta
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Bow view
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Bridge and armoured con
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Looking forward
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Boat deck details
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Separate model of 8" gun

Atlanta carried two
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Note sail rig
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