U. S. IPMS Nationals
Santa Clara, California
July 1 - 4, 1998

Oustanding Ship Models
Photographed by
Rob Mackie

I photographed these beautiful ships prior to the announcement of results.  I was limited by the storage capacity of my digital camera, else I would have taken many more photos.  As luck would have it, many of the ships that caught my eye placed high.  I've noted this as appropriate.   I do not have the official results as yet, and in some cases I am not sure of the builder. Please email me if I have made any errors.  These are beautiful ships, certainly far better than I could ever hope to achieve, and I want to make sure the talented modelers responsible get full recognition.
Rob Mackie

BB USS Arizona 1921

Built by Jeff Herne using the Tom's Modelworks 1:350 kit

Arizona 1921 16.jpg (65125 bytes) Arizona 1921 17.jpg (35674 bytes) Arizona 1921 18.jpg (52362 bytes)
CGN USS California
Scratch built by Phil Toy in 1:311 scale.  Incredible work.  2nd place in the scratch build class
California 311 19.jpg (82641 bytes) California 311 20.jpg (58435 bytes) California 311 22.jpg (57793 bytes) California 311 23.jpg (38461 bytes)

USS Intrepid

Surprisingly, this magnificent 1:700 model by Bill Cianci did not place.

Intrepid 700 04.jpg (81991 bytes) Intrepid 700 05.jpg (51048 bytes) Intrepid 700 07.jpg (46440 bytes)

BB USS Texas

Derek Brown's  1:350 scratch build won everything there was to win: Best Ship, Best of Show etc

Texas 1945 24.jpg (51991 bytes) Texas 1945 25.jpg (64695 bytes) Texas 1945 26.jpg (61660 bytes)

USS Northhampton

Very nice 1:350 heavy cruiser by Dave Shirley using the BWN kit.  3rd place in 1:350 category

Northhampton 350 12.jpg (47018 bytes) Northhampton 350 13.jpg (66381 bytes) Northhampton 350 14.jpg (68537 bytes) Northhampton 350 15.jpg (78673 bytes)

USS San Jacinto

1:700 Escort Carrier by Glen Arnold took 3rd in carrier class

San Jacinto 700 06.jpg (42720 bytes) San Jacinto 700 08.jpg (34564 bytes)

IJN DD Kagero

I believe this 1:200 scale model by Mike Czibovic (Nichimo kit) took 1st place in 1:350 and larger class

Kagero Class 200 27.jpg (52400 bytes) Kagero Class 200 28.jpg (43564 bytes)

HMS Rodney 1940

1:700 BB by Bill Cianci took a 2nd in battleship class

Rodney 1940  700 02.jpg (60929 bytes) Rodney 1940 03.jpg (43817 bytes)

IJN BB Yamato

Features a real wood planked deck.  Builder is Mark Cuevas

Yamato 350 10.jpg (60696 bytes) Yamato 350 11.jpg (39151 bytes)

BB USS South Dakota

3rd place in 1:700 battleships by Dave Cianci

SoDak 45 700 01.jpg (32934 bytes)

Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien

1:700 ship by Glen Arnold using Tom's Modelworks kit

Obrien 700 09.jpg (26014 bytes)

IJN Battleship Mutsu

By Jim Gordon (Aoshima kit).  1st place in 1:700 Battleships. Click here for a detailed article

mutsu11.jpg (118172 bytes) mutsu08.jpg (93531 bytes) mutsu01.jpg (143347 bytes)

USS Cleveland

By Jim Gordon (Skywave) 1st place in 1:700 Cruisers.   Click here for an in-depth article

cleve12.jpg (73496 bytes)

USS Casablanca

By Bert McDowell (Tom's Modelworks).  2nd place in 1:700 Carriers

casa01.jpg (14461 bytes) casa02.jpg (14916 bytes)

Gato Class Sub

1:350 BWN kit built by ?

Gato 350 21.jpg (30153 bytes)

Home copper.jpg (2701 bytes)