OF THE WW2 ERA  Part 1

Published by Floating Drydock

Reviewed by Rob Mackie


Floating Drydock and Pacific Front

Price: $10.95

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This book is a “must have” for modelers of United States Navy WW2 warships. Though only 56 pages, it is crammed with useful data, pictures, pattern drawings and explanations. It is unlikely that you will find a more useful USN camouflage reference.

Based on official pattern designs and instructions, the book is organized chronologically. This is important because camouflage painting changed as the war progressed. Schemes designed to provide surface concealment gave way to patterns that made ships less visible to aerial attackers. The periodic BuShips paint directives issued during WW2 are clearly explained.

There are 12 pages of pattern designs and 47 b & w photos. Submarines are also covered and there is a lucid discussion of color concepts (“hue”, “chroma” etc.) as well as paint mixing. Unfortunately there is no reference to currently available model paints, though the books instructions will enable you to mix your own. Polly Scale’s line of acrylics now has most of the commonly used USN colors mentioned in this volume, so “growing your own” is no longer essential. The book also lacks a color chip card. This is available separately from both Pacific Front and Floating Drydock.

Those of you interested in aircraft carrier paint schemes should obtain volume 2 in this series, reviewed by Jeff Herne elsewhere on this site.  In summary, this book is highly recommended to modelers of WW2 USN ships.